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British Embassy hosting gay unions

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Reader comments

  1. Another great move by our English Cousins. Too bad that apparently their law requires that at least one of the couple must be an English citizen.

    What would also be nice would be to have the British Embassy do the same in Israel, and without the citizenship requirement. Israel recognizes gay marriages, but because the orthodox Jews control marriage ceremonies in Israel, Israeli’s have to go to some other country to get married. You folks can solve this problem. And let the orthodox squeal like pigs. The people who seem to have forgotten that when the Jews ashes went up hitler’s smokestacks at Auschwitz, etc, mixed in were the ashes of Germany’s gays, another group that maniac thought were less then human. So, what can I say, as a nominally Jewish man, married to a Jewish woman, for the orthodox – that wouldn’t be removed from the comments section for super bad taste, thought is would be appropriate.