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Academics criticise Kelly over gay equality delay

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Reader comments

  1. This is all Blair’s work. Ruth is the ‘fall gal’ there to take the rap. Blair appointed Ruth intending this to happen and block equality for gays.

  2. In the news is a case about a boy that was murdered on grounds of a sexual motive. I bet Ruth Kelly new this would happen today and is using it to discrimenate because an attack on her would be seen as very poor taste and would give the religious groups ammunition to attack the gay community.The phrase “A good day to bury bad news” comes to mind.The gay community needs to learn how politicians do this so that we can attack back!

  3. George Broadhead 16 Oct 2006, 5:56pm

    Congratulations on an extremely perceptive article.This is what secular organisations – gay and straight like the Gay and Lesbian Humanist Association and the National Secular Society – have been arguing for years, but unfortunately no one takes much heed of our warnings.George

  4. What if Ruth Kelly did indeed plan that this day to be a good day to bury bad news, hoping that the case would be a long drawn out murder trial?I think Ruth Kelly sould be investergated by the Police on grounds of homophobia?The murder may not of happend if Roman Catholic schools were not so homophobic. The offender was homophobicly bullied!

  5. When Kelly was appointed I thought “what the hell was Blair thinking?”…now I wonder if he knew what he was doing and he agrees with her!!

  6. “she was absent from the third reading of the Adoption and Children Bill (Programme), to allow gay couples to adopt, as she was on further votes on the same subject on 16th May 2002, 20th May 200″On May 20th she was present to vote for an amendment that would have allowed heterosexual unmarried couple to adopt, but that would have excluded gay couples

  7. Why are you persecuting her? She has a right to her religous beliefs. Freedom of conscience and dissent have not been outlawed in this country, either for house wife or Minister. As long as she is not breaking any law. No Minister can unilaterally block a law. Don’t balme her for the delays. All views must be accomodated, and you cannot legislate on morals!

  8. ellen streamsman 17 Oct 2006, 5:33am

    Wow. This is the most bigoted, biased, neurotic, ignorant article I’ve read on this issue. What a bunch of anti-Catholic claptrap.So long as you remain almost preternaturally ignorant of anything and everything to do with Catholic belief, praxis, polity and life, as well as rudimentary theological ethics, all your specious arguments {sic}against it is like so much straw. And your understanding of the ‘separation’ of church from political life– I mean, it’s risible. Before you publish another word, for pete’s sake, can someone get some education??

  9. Ruth Kelly in charge of equality?a bit like putting a child sex attacker in charge of a creche,this ‘thing,’ has defended catholic abuse scandals and now moralises about equality issues… new labour…new monsters more like

  10. Labour leadership contender John McDonnell criticized her on his blog too.

  11. What do they teach them at Catholic schools for them to come away with attitudes like this?

  12. Michael Cashman has changed his mind since this –

  13. Dear Pink News I posted the link for the petition. Nice to see your the story.

  14. Well,MsKelly has as bad a voting record on gay rights as our forthcomng Prime Minister Gordon Brown.I think her appointment may well have stemmed from Brown’s attitudes as much as Blair’s and forshadows what we can expect from Brown’s Government.One can only hope that the EU will prevent the Catholic and Anglican lobby from beginning moves to repeal gay rights legislation.Anything is possible.As a practising Anglican I am appalled at Williams and Sentamu chiming in with O’Connor.After all 50 years ago who would have conceived of a black in York Minster.Personally I hope that the Catholics are put in their place:perhaps we can hope for separation of church and state such as they have in France – a Catholic country that would not tolerate the interference of prelates in this way for a moment.

  15. Click here to see what Mr Phillips has said:

  16. Michael Peter 24 Jan 2007, 9:14am

    We know of a same-sex couple who have had a Civil Partnership together, have adopted and being Christian may be stopped from entering their church because of an exemption already made in the Sexual Orientation Regulations. We find that the religious homophobes have created a witchhunt of gay people with their continuing outbursts of bigotry whilst stating at the same time that ‘they love us all’. ‘Peace on Earth, Goodwill toward all Man’ seems to have taken a back seat in their religious intolerance. We live in a Secular country and the Government should reinforce diversity and freedoms for all its peoples. We both believe that Ruth Kelly should resign.

  17. john wilfred sharp 25 Jan 2007, 4:07am

    Well good idea disriminate against GAYS , I will start to discriminate agains Religions . who needs religions of HATE

  18. Liat Norris 2 Feb 2007, 7:44pm

    I am Glad that my Petition has caused such a positive response here. I never thought it would get 100 signatures, let alone the 5000 it currently has.Hopefully my Petition will be taken seriously and that Blair takes notice and sacks Kelly.

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