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Geeling murder shows ‘school homophobia’

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Reader comments

  1. When are schools going to learn that homophobic bullying needs to stop?

  2. If society wasn’t so homophobic and this kid wasn’t so afraid of being outed then perhaps this tragedy could have been averted.

  3. ih8poofters 19 Oct 2006, 6:13pm

    Fuckin faggot

  4. Well, well, judging by the first comment on this page, is it any surpise that the papers reported the terrible murder of joe in such a homophobic way?? makes money and pandering to the homophobes is obviously a money spinner!..

  5. They want to “increase” the sentence! The homophobes are concerned it was too lenient.

  6. The murder of my brother Joe had nothing to do with homophobia. You are completely wrong in what you are saying. To say the Hamer might not have killed him if society had not been so homophobic is absolutely ludicras. For someone who is so offended by others being judgmental, why are you so quick to presume that being catholic means someone will be homophobic?

  7. The sentence was too lenient – a 15 yr old knows full well what they are doing and to target a ‘weaker’ child just shows what a calculating mind Hamer has. This animal will serve some time and then be released at the publics expense – with a new life and a new identity. Joe doesn’t have that luxury – nor do his family. Homophobia has nothing to do with this – nothing would have been mentioned if the boys did not go to a Catholic school!! What we should be looking at is how this boy can be allowed back in to society – if he can do this at 15 what will he be capable of when he’s 27??

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