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Gay vote vital for Congress

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  1. In my community we had a load of support from the LibDem’s in the run up to elections. But as soon as they took power they dumped our community and ignord us.

  2. The Republican Party has been hijacked by the neoconservatives and the religious right, a very dangerous combination. The Democrats have marginalized these groups for the most part, but even some diehard Republicans felt that enough is enough. I think we can expect to see some incremental improvement in GLBT rights, despite the fact that there are still plenty of right-wingers in office. At least now, though, Democrats will be able to bring up GLBT issues for debate and national exposure that in the past 12 years the ruling Republicans would merely crush before they could ever reach the floor. I am optimistic.

  3. News Release: Congresswoman Sherri Davis, (R-CA), Turns Up the Heat on “Daily Show” Host Jon Stewart and his “Misinformed Midtacular” Election Coverage 2006-11-07 09:13:39 – New York, New York (PRINSIDE) November 7, 2006 – Congresswoman Sherri Davis, R-CA, issued a statement today blasting the the election reporting of Jon Stewart and his ‘Daily Show- reporting team as “misinformed, misleading and occasionally mystifying.” “Some of his reporting does not even seem factual,” charged the outspoken Republican Congresswoman. “It appears to be ‘belief-based,’ rather than ‘fact based.'” Congresswoman Davis, a conservative Republican who has become known as the “Ann Coulter of Anaheim” for her vocal opposition to flag burning and illegal immigration, and her fierce support of the American family, charged Jon Stewart with deliberately misleading the American public in his “Midwest Midterm Midtacular” series broadcast from the key election battlefield of Ohio about the true issues in that key battlefield state. “Jon Stewart insists on incorrectly emphasizing the war in Iraq, jobs, and the Canadian fence issue as the top issues mobilizing the Ohio electorate,” says Davis, a former Miss Pomona and the widow of Chinese industrialist Soon-Yi Davis. “But Ohio this year is actually a textbook example of how purely local issues are mobilizing key Republican voting blocks to get out and vote – and that will tip this state into the Republican column once again.” Specifically, Davis charges that Stewart and his “Daily Show” reporters are deliberately overlooking the impact that two major statewide ballot referendums in Ohio will have on voter turnout this year. The first is the Republican-backed proposed amendment to the state Constitution to add a ‘mandatory portion control” clause to the state constitution for the first time in state history. “That’s a very popular issue for Republicans in the state, and particularly suburban Republican women,” says Davis. “It’s similar to what they’re currently doing in New York City in regards to trans-fats. And that’s a Republican-backed proposal that should drive core Republican voters to the voting booth, energize them, almost as much as the issue of gay marriage has in the past.” And the other key Ohio ballot issue this time around that Jon Stewart and his “Daily Show” analysts are overlooking, says Davis, is Proposition 15, the Democratic-backed proposition that would create major new statewide incentives for scrapbooking. “That proposal would add substantial scrapbooking tax breaks and would also add a required scrapbooking curriculum to the state school system at both the junior high and the high school level,” says Cong. Davis. “And also at community colleges. And they’re also proposing scrapbooking vouchers. Democrats feel that scrapbooking is a family-friendly pasttime that will dramatically expand their base, but we as Republicans are

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