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Disney characters taking the Mickey

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Reader comments

  1. What’s wrong this video? Nothing. A group of kids who are obviously comfortable with each other and having a little fun before going onstage. I hope they weren’t fired for this. Whoever took the video surreptiously should be fired. What kind of a low-life turns on your co-workers like that?

  2. After seeing the videoYeah, can you image a kid watching the video of Mickey Mouse Humping on aSnowman and Goofy grabbing Minnie Mouse’s chest in that manner and then going to his mom with some big ?’sOr better yet if the kid happened to have walked into the room?Mom, why is Mickey doing that to the snowman? Why is Goofy doing to thatstuff to Minnie?How do you explain that?

  3. Carl, London 7 Apr 2007, 1:04am

    If anyones stupid enough to want to get married in that crass palace to naffness then they should be at the head doctors, not at the alter

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