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Clinton backs gay partner benefits

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Reader comments

  1. I agree with her press release 100% and I’m from Massachusetts, the first ‘Gay Marriage State”.Civil Unions NOT Marriage

  2. I disagree with her stance. She wants to give gay couples ALL of the responsibilities of marriage but only SOME of the benefits and NONE of the federal benefits, which the “Defense of Marriage” law forbids.EVERYONE, straight AND gay should get civil unions from the state. The state has no business being in the marriage business.But until that day comes, EVERY tax paying, law abiding citizen should get ALL of the same rights and responsibilities as EVERY other citizen.I would be interested in hearing “h’s” reasoning for his/her opinion.Just because a gay person supports anti-gay policies doesn’t mean the policies are reasonable. We have gays in the US who would support the recriminalization of homosexuality. The Republican Party here is full of anti-gay homos. Check out the headlines.

  3. Don’t let the pink triangle in her cleavage fool ya. Clinton, like her husband, is a typical opportunistic political whore.She, of all people, should be supportive of FULL equal rights for gays and lesbians.

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