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Mental health day important for gay community

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  1. Er, when is it?

  2. aaron jason silver 11 Oct 2006, 1:16am

    THE DANGERS OF “THE CLOSET” In the wake of all of the recent sex scandals in the past couple of years in Washington and elsewhere in the news that often get lost when the scandals involve politicians. I believe that the “closet” needs to be mentioned and understood. I believe it will provide the necessary context from which to view some of these scandals. The closet, meaning where people hide their sexual orientation, whether one is a man or woman but particularly I am speaking of men at this time because I believe men use the closet even more often than woman because of societies very narrow view and expectations of what behaviors are considered appropriate for men. Woman can be Tomboys much easier than men can be sissies. Of course not all gay men are effeminate by a long shot but that is a stereotypical image of gay men and therefore many men attempt to cover up any behaviors they may have and believe may bring on suspicion. Therefore men, whether they be gay or straight, will practice stereotypical masculine behaviors to thwart any suspicion often out of fear and necessity, particularly if they feel pressure to do so to protect their careers or career advancement. However, many gay men for a variety of reasons whether they have difficulties reconciling their religious views with their natural inner feelings and same sex attractions or also may do so out of fear of social denunciation. These men will then join the astounding numbers of men that are also hiding in the closet. The fear of being discovered can be enormous and absolutely terrifying. These men will often then do what they believe society expects from them. They will often marry and have children perhaps out of desperation in an always unsuccessful attempt at trying to make these natural longings go away and try and hide these powerful feelings of attraction that we all know very well and have experienced ourselves whether toward the same sex or the opposite sex, its all the same. They may also marry and have homosexual secret liaisons with men and feel terrible guilt in doing so. They will do their very best to compartmentalize their lives the best that they can, but I believe and have found that the longer one stays in the closet the more damage is done to them emotionally. It is very difficult to compartmentalize for a long period of time these very powerful feelings without developing some emotional problems to varying degrees. Also many develop coping mechanisms such as addictive behaviors of all sorts whether they be alcoholism, prescription or non prescription abuse. They may develop addictions to pornography sexual addiction or other self-destructive ways of acting out. Once again unfortunately the longer one stays in the closet there will also then be more victims because of their closeted lifestyle choice. The victims may be their wives and children, their friends, parents and siblings, all feeling like they have been betrayed if t

  3. Bryan John Morgan 11 Oct 2006, 8:36am

    I’m 21 residing in ScotlandI’m openly Gay and got married in May, however separated.On Jan of this year I was Raped at knife point. Following this I’ve been locked in a police cell for 12 hours for my own safety, hospital admissions(Psychiatric), self harmed, OD 22 times and tried hanging myself 5 times along with placing myself on top of a bridge with a 2oo ft drop.I HAVE DEPRESSION!!! I’m not scared to say that. I’m Gay. I’ve had 60 incidents of a Homophobic nature to me. windows smashed, eggs at windows, bricks bounced off door and letter box ripped off. So much so I’ve been forced to retreat to my mums house. Where the Rape occured just down the road. My attacker lives just around the corner.If anybody rads this and maybe wants advice, help or somebody to pour all to. Feel free. I’m glad am still alive. Nobody will deter me. I’m not a criminal. I’m a Gay, law abiding man. Why should I let some twat push me over the edge 100%? Thanks for reading

  4. Samantha Vandorn 11 Oct 2006, 12:44pm

    I am truly amazed the world doesn’t just wake up and realize the gay community consists of real people. With this data, you cannot ignore the fact that gays are more prone to commit suicide than straights for a reason. It’s pretty obvious to me — and I’m straight. If people kept telling me I’m a “sinner” or “wrong” or whatever ignorant thing that eminates from the lips of the uninformed, I’d probably go into severe depression, too. I’m not sure why some of the straights I know think gays can change, or should change, but it saddens me.I think with more education and a constant reminder that gays are just regular people, will help. Yes, this will take time, not everyone will become enlightened — only the intelligent and thinking humans will. Heck, there are still people today who believe such nonsense that the Holocaust was a hoax! How weird is that?

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