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Cameron criticised for lack of gay action

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Reader comments

  1. Well,whatever you say about David Cameron’s voting record on Gay is certainly far superior to Gordon Brown who has never even voted on any of the Gay Rights legislation brought to the House of Commons since 1997.Brown has always contrived to be too busy to attend the House on every one of these fourteen occasions. If the Tories are too dumb to exploit this for the Gay Vote,they they don’t deserve to win the next General Election.3,500,000 gay and lesbian voters are worth going for surely.

  2. Cameron will repeal the human rights act. That’s worrying.

  3. It’s certainly a turn up for the books that Cameron has mentioned gay equality in a number of his recent speeches. However, have you seen the people who are actually in the Conservative Party? Old bags who hate everyone apart from those with blue rinses like themselves (think Little Britain vomiting women). In America, George Bush campaigned on a platform of ‘compassionate conservatism’…so much for that.What concerns me is that Cameron is trying to appeal the centre ground (i.e. where most people sit politically) but if he wins the next election the Conservative government would suddenly learch to the right …and it’s section 28 etc. all over again.

  4. Well Mr Cashman should reflect on the fact that his party is soon to be led by a fully-paid-up card-carrying homophobe who tried to stop Inheritance Tax exemption and pensions rights for civil partners.But Mr Cashman would have been alright even if Mr Brown had killed off the Civil Partnership Act..his European Community pension and his partner’s right to a share of it should Mr Cashman depart this world,would have been quite unaffected by Mr Brown’s bigotry.As indeed would have been the same-sex partner pension rights of any UK MPs partner.For Mr Brown – same sex partner pension rights were OK for MPs but not for the partners of a member of any other Government pension scheme.Labour hypocrisy – Mr Cashman!

  5. Message to Peter….Don’t worry Peter ,if Michael does kick the bucket you won’t have to pay Inheritance Tax on your joint savings or the value of the house(s) and you will get a big lump of Michael’s pension to add to your own…you won’t need to watch the gas meter!

  6. Oh dear….I didn’t mean to start anything here…it is PAUL,of course,not Peter!Apologies Michael….

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