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Philippines under pressure to end gay discrimination

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  1. Well, he aint met my bloke, we definately weren’t made for each other!! I am not gay, I am a heterosexual woman. I am making a comment on this website because I believe that everyone has the right to make their own choices; am I to disown one of my own children in adulhood just because they have fallen in love with someone of the same sex? That would make me a very bad mother.All people, buy houses, loo roll, plain flour and gravy browning. They eat, sleep, work, argue, get upset and make up again. Does is really matter if the person they cuddle up with at night just happens to be the same sex as them?The bigoted attitudes of people make my blood boil. I am frowned upon because I have three kids but am not married to their Dad, I don’t drive a good enough car and my house isn’t big enough to be vialble within the elitist environment I find myself living within. I don’t give a damn.I wish everyone who reads this a fulfilling life, and I suggest you give the two fingered salute to all those who frown upon you. Love and best wishesSara