Reader comments · Buju Banton responds to gay protesters with two words: “F**k them.” · PinkNews

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Buju Banton responds to gay protesters with two words: “F**k them.”

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Reader comments

  1. truth and rights 7 Sep 2009, 11:16pm

    hmmm…is there a reason why the actual quote from Buju is not given in its original, complete context?

  2. I must have missed something here but when he says he hasnt performed the song in years and Pink News points out he did in 2006, what is the point of that?
    You just proved his point that he hasnt sang it in years (nearly 4 to be precise)
    As he said, hes trying to get on with his life, why not let him?
    He isn’t performing the homophobic song, isnt being homophobic in public

    Saying “F**” them” about the protestors i completely agree there, these activists are trying to ruin his career for something he did years ago and hasn’t done again just because he won’t speak out about gay rights
    Leave him alone, his career in jamaica is finished if he holds a gay rights rally and its his decision to do that – nobody elses

    If he does start perform his offensive song again or behave homophobically ill be the first to chuck a few stones, but as things are now hes just trying to carry on with his career peacefully

  3. once a homophobe and still a homophobe who lies

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