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September 2006

  • 4th September 2006

    World Pride organisers negotiate gay march date 23

    A new date of 21st September was scheduled for the march, but this was subsequently rejected by the police

    12:00 AM — The Jerusalem Open House (JOH) has responded to Israeli authorities with negotiation after government ministers thwarted plans for a lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender 'Pride and Tolerance' march in Jerusalem.Despite this setback Noa Sattah, the executive director of the JOH, issued a rallying call to Israel saying: "I call everyone who cares about the future of Jerusalem to come and take part in the march."

  • Pupils urged to report homophobic bullying

    So far around 700 people have filled in the questionnaire and Alan Wardle, Stonewall's parliamentary and public affairs spokesman is confident they can get 1000 responses by October when the research ends

    12:00 AM — The summer holidays draw to a close this week and we can soon expect to see our streets adorned in gangs of grey v-necks, untucked shirts and poorly constructed ties, but for some pupils the end of the summer means a return to playgrounds full of homophobic taunts and bullying.Since May, gay charity Stonewall has been hosting an online survey to find out about young gay, lesbian and bisexual people's experiences of homophobic bullying in British schools.

  • Monsters, motors and marchers join Cardiff Mardi Gras

    The festival drew support from local politicians with representation from Wales four main political parties

    12:00 AM — Cardiff held it's 8th annual Mardi Gras last Saturday, with around 40,000 people overcoming the rain to visit the event in the Welsh capital's Cooper's Field.The Mardi Gras festival began in 1999, when it first attracted just 6,000 people, but the event now brings all groups to Wales, from Doctor Who monsters, to a gay rugby tournament, to the "World's First Gay Motor Show."

  • Cameron highlights importance of gay unions 6

    David Cameron has used his keynote speech to the Conservative party conference to affirm his support for civil partnerships

    12:00 AM — David Cameron has used his keynote speech to the Conservative party conference to affirm his support for civil partnerships.Towards the end of his hour-long address to delegates, the Tory leader covered familiar ground, saying the party should back marriage.He said that there was something special about marriage that is not about religion or morality, but also about "the two of us together, and that really matters."

  • 1st September 2006

    Gay community going online for outdoor pursuits 3

    Cruising and its indoor partner cottaging have been brought back to the table for debate

    12:00 AM — PinkNews.co.uk InvestigationCruising and its indoor partner cottaging have been brought back to the table for debate this month.George Michael started the discussion when, following a News of the World allegation that he had been cruising on Hampstead Heath, he called it "the best cruising ground in London."

  • Bishop attacks Nigerian church’s gay view 5

    Bishop Robinson raises the issue in Going to Heaven: The Life and Election of Bishop Gene Robinson, a biography based on interviews with the clergyman and friends and family

    12:00 AM — PinkNews.co.uk ExclusiveThe Episcopal Church should be wary of its relationship with Nigerian Anglicans, the denomination's first gay bishop has warned.Gene Robinson, the Bishop of New Hampshire, questioned the wisdom of the US church aligning itself with Peter Akinola, the Anglican Primate of Nigeria, who has openly spoken out against homosexuality and labelled gay people as inferior.

  • Gay bishop’s daughter defends parents’ split 5

    Bishop Robinson and his wife Isabella McDaniel, known as Boo, separated in 1986 after 14 years of marriage

    12:00 AM — PinkNews.co.uk ExclusiveThe daughter of the Anglican Church's first gay bishop has criticised the British press for reporting that her father had abandoned his family to live with a man.Ella Robinson, the daughter of Gene Robinson who was controversially elected as Bishop of New Hampshire in 2003, aims to dispel rumours surrounding her parent's relationship in an interview for a new book on the clergyman's life.

  • NSPCC attacked for helping gay kids 2

    The NSPCC was founded in 1884, and was responsible for getting Parliament to pass the first legislation to protect children. It spends £60m a year on services for children and young people.

    12:00 AM — PinkNews.co.uk Exclusive A charity claiming to protect the interests of children has launched a bizarre attack on Childline and the NSPCC.Despite advertising Childline on their website, the National Society for Children and Family Contact claim the well-respected charity is abandoning the religious views of its founders.

  • Lebanese gay group helping refugee relief

    There were only two sources of potable water, which were two large, gray tanks from UNICEF, and lines could form rapidly

    12:00 AM — Matthew Streib, foreign correspondent for The Pink News meets the Arab world's first gay group which has spent the last month opening up its community activities to both gay and straight refugees displaced by the conflict between Israel and Lebanon.The Sanayeh Public Gardens, one of the few green spaces in the highly-developed city of Beirut, is usually a haven of relaxation.

  • When my parents were young it was illegal to be gay 1

    Meg Hillier is Labour MP for Hackney South and Shoreditch and Parliamentary Private Secretary to Ruth Kelly

    12:00 AM — Meg Hillier, Labour MP and Parliamentary Private Secretary to Ruth Kelly in the Department for Communities and Local Government, analyses how much the government has changed gay rights in Britain.As my children grow up it is unremarked that MPs, cabinet ministers and other public figures are gay and we now see couples celebrating civil partnerships thanks to the Labour Government.

  • Woman dies in fire at gay sauna

    Police told  PinkNews.co.uk  that the fire is being treated as suspicious. (photo: Michael Wilson)

    12:00 AM — West Yorkshire police are appealing for witnesses to come forward after a woman died in a 'suspicious' fire in Leeds.The Spartan Mantalk Sauna, which formed part of an end-terrace house in the Harehills area of the city, was gutted in the blaze.A woman was rescued by fire crews at around 4am this morning, but she did not survive.

  • AIDS activists were trailblazers 2

    Margot James is Conservative Party Vice Chairman

    12:00 AM — Margot James praises the input of gay AIDS sufferers in gaining treatment for the disease and campaigning for support in other medical areas.Last month's 16th International Aids Conference in Toronto is worth reflecting on in light of the last two decades.When I started my healthcare PR business in the mid-eighties few of us had heard of HIV and Aids.

  • No gay pride at protest 2

    There were no protesters present to highlight gay issues last night

    12:00 AM — Around 200 people protested outside Parliament last night against restrictive laws placed on the right of people in this country to protest.There were dozens of banners, demanding everything from an end to racial profiling to free chocolate and tampons, but a common theme running through the protesters was against government control over their lives and rights.

  • Comment: Double standards? 23

    Few came out to protest at such atrocities where lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) teenagers are hanged simply for falling in love with someone of the same sex (Photo Tom*A)

    12:00 AM — World Pride was hampered not by boycotts from anti-gay groups but by the conflict between Israel and Lebanon based Hezbollah.The blame for the conflict lies on both sides whose actions caused the deaths of many hundreds of civilians.But the reaction from some sections of British society was interesting.

  • Gay marriage ban proposed on November ballot

    The Arizona Supreme court has decided to allow a controversial initiative that bans gay marriage

    12:00 AM — The Arizona Supreme court has decided to allow a controversial initiative that bans gay marriage and denies domestic partnership benefits throughout the state to remain on the November ballot.According to the Arizona Republic newspaper, opponents of the Proposition 107 had asked the court to block it from the ballot, arguing that it violated state law.

  • Rabbi ‘cures’ lesbians with sand

    Sand: A lesbian no-go zone?

    12:00 AM — An Israeli rabbi swears by a novel way of getting lesbians to return to their husbands, special sand that will have the estranged wife running back.The unnamed rabbi swore that his "special sand" would bring the wife of a local man in Bnei Brak, Isreal, back to him, with the sand lifting the curse that his wife was under.

  • Argentina to repeal gay military ban 1

    Argentina joins a growing list of at least 25 nations that no longer exclude openly gay service personnel. American military allies, including Great Britain, Canada and Australia, have lifted their bans on open service

    12:00 AM — The government of Argentina has announced plans to repeal its ban on gay military personnel, according to recent news reports, making it the second country in South America, following Colombia, to prohibit discrimination in its armed forces.Argentina's government intends to modernise its code of military justice which, among other changes, will no longer prohibit same-sex relationships among personnel in its armed forces.

  • Charities welcome HIV prosecution review

    Despite the epidemic being around for 25 years, the first prosecution took place in 2003 and since then there has been much controversy over prosecutions, which has prompted the CPS to seek views from a wide range of people

    12:00 AM — AIDS groups have welcomed a move by the Crown Prosecution Service today seeking opinions for a consultation to review criminal prosecutions for HIV transmission.The National AIDS Trust (NAT) and Terrence Higgins Trust (THT) have published guidance, encouraging organisations and people living with HIV to respond to the CPS consultation.

  • September issue of The Pink News out now

    The September edition of The Pink News is out now

    12:00 AM — September's The Pink News is dominated by the Middle East, exploring the impact of the conflict between Hezbollah and Israel on World Pride."IT'S BEEN a tough month for Middle East politics with Israel trying to secure its borders and stop Hezbollah rocket attacks while thousands of Lebanese citizens have been displaced, but beyond the diplomatic, democratic and ideological consequences of the current saga, the international gay community has also felt the brunt of the conflict...."

  • Gay activists go Green

    The Green party's annual conference is set to be dominated by gay issues after human rights activist Peter Tatchell and Polish Green's LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) spokesperson Bartek Lech, have agreed to speak

    12:00 AM — The Green party's annual conference is set to be dominated by gay issues after human rights activist Peter Tatchell and Polish Green's LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) spokesperson Bartek Lech, have agreed to speak.Mr Lech, who has campaigned against nationalism and intolerance in Poland, will be speaking about personal and press freedoms in the country.

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