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Web game sparks gay debate

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Reader comments

  1. this is a story of a man that broke some rules and then whinged about it, he even knew he was braking the rule, hence why his name wouldn’t go thoguht the first time he tryed it.what a chode.

  2. Like most MMORPG’s, they censor the word gay because there are people who will use it as a degoratory term.A little disconcerting is that he thought it would be “humourous” to have a gay character. That speaks to me as saying he made the character for a laugh.Gay pride is one thing, but do people need to broadcast their sexuality through a character name in a game about superheroes?You don’t see StraightAvenger’s or StraightHealer’s, after all.I just find it a little odd that someone would want to be known for what gender they sleep with, and not who they are.

  3. Hasn’t he thought that the person that complained initially may have misconstrued the reason he named his character like that, believing it to be a slur against his sexual preference?

  4. Actually having read his claims about “fellow gamers”, and the topic he created on the CoH forum about this issue, the other forum users were pretty much unanimously against this player when he decided to rant about the intervention there. He put forward his issue in a poorly presented manner and with very little justification for his using the name. If he stated that he was commended for his character names or that we in any way supported his violating the terms of service and end-user license agreement that he signed his rights away to every time he entered the game, he was lying. Not that news articles on various popular websites are ever truly unbiased.

  5. He’s even quoted in the article as saying he thought it would be a funny name. It’s because of people like him that the word is censored in the first place.

  6. As a point of reference, GayHealer’s character wasn’t “deleted”, as he claims, but his name was changed. There was a long debate in the official game forums over this when it happened, and the most vocal opponents of his character, and the people most in favour of the name being changed, were gay/bi. People found it a ridiculous name, and everybody in the community stood by NC Soft, rather than the “discriminated against” player.Mr O’Neill himself wrote:”…when I typed in the word ’gay’ it would not allow it and came up like this ‘@#’.”I typed other random swear words and each of them came up the same.”I’m sorry, but “Other” swear words? So, Mr O’Neill obviously considers the term ‘Gay’ to be a swear word. If he was truly offended by the word being blocked, the time to write to publications and complain would have been then and there, and NOT the rather dubious time-frame he alloted himself (he says he’s being playing for six months, and his character was deleted after a year? Somebody needs to buy him a calendar, as I’m pretty sure there are 12 months in a year)He then tried his best to bypass the filter, to allow him to have the character name of his choice. In other words, and as Hplite stated, he knowingly broke the rules – and it doesn’t matter what your sexuality, gender, etc is. If you break the rules of an online game (rules, I hasten to add, you agree to EVERY TIME you play) then you need to be punished accordingly.

  7. He broke the rules, confessed to using the name for “humour” then turned the subsequent name change – not character deletion – into some poor crusade on the forum, begging for attention and slandering anyone who disagreed with him.A number of people on the CoH forum are of “alternate” sexualities, and not once have they been predjuced against for it.

  8. I participated in the specific forum thread (which got deleted) and repeated myself in the new forum thread started by the same used which also got deleted, or locked, I forget.As a lesbian I can completely and utterly say I have no sympathy for his plight and think “the Pink News” should do another article about this, or revise this one, to be more informed about the matter at hand.The matter is not about someone having “gay” in their name and being banned. He wasn’t even banned. The issue is that the word “gay” is a filtered word since some people use it as a derogatory term, or could use it as an inflamatory name AGAINST homosexuals.The issue is that someone, KNOWINGLY circumvented the filter, knowingly BROKE the rules, and then gets upset when his name is changed. (not banned, just changed to something not filtered)Then makes a big thread about how he’s going to go to the news. (apparantly at least one new site took his plight, without much further research apparantly) Then when that is deleted, he knowingly breaks the rules AGAIN, as he revives the topic.It is not a funny name. People don’t know his motivations behind the name, just from looking at it, and it can just as easily incense people. Hell things like that is why the word is filtered from names.The issue here is that said individual thinks because he’s gay he has the right to break the rules because otherwise its discrimination. As a lesbian, I feel offended this is turned into a discrimination matter, and I don’t think us gays should feel like we get to break the rules just cause we’re gay.Signed,A rather offended lesbian gamer

  9. Dude, you are a SuperHero. You run round in Brightly Coloured Lyrca/Tights.What part of that is not camper than a bottle of coffee?The main article of the thread seems to be that naming the characters sexuality should be part of the characters name.Excuse me but when did you last see “The Amazing Happily Married Spiderman” or “The Bi-Unsure X man” or the “Not really looking but will consider anything cute, Gambit”.If you really want to parade your sexuality like a badge, in a game where the LAW specifically deems it to be something that minors are not supposed to be aware of, then you are breaking the EULA and will get slapped for it.There are a number of openly different sexualitys characters on both servers, BUT Cryptic do not consider it fitting to have it rammed down our throat, so to speak.Case Closed IMHO.(Addendum : Homosexual Healer wouldn’t be banned. Point?)

  10. I find it offensive that the title of this page is “Web bans gay charcters”. That’s a fair and unbiased start (and that’s sarcasm BTW).This game (the Hero side) has a minimum age requirement of 12 (15 for the Villain side) in the EU. 12 year olds are petulant, callous and naive (or at least one of the three). Twelve year olds I knew bullied those who wore glasses by calling them speccy, large kids by calling them fatty, tall kids by lanky.In this case it’s like the usage of the N word. Between Africans and their repective descendents the word is an acceptable word. Let a caucasian say it and they will kick seven shades of ‘S’ out of him because it carries the offense of hundreds of years of Caucasian oppression and derogatory usage behind it.It’s filtered to protect the sanctity of the players, to stop it descending into a farcical version of acceptable usage. If I want to know if you’re gay then I’ll ask. If I want to know your character’s gay then I’ll read his description. If it was unfiltered we wouldn’t be talking about this and instead be talking about the abusive language being hurled at a gay player and forcing him to leave a virtual world where he was persecuted for his sexuality. Either way it’s a lose-lose situation, a case of choosing the lesser of two evils.Seeing a player called GayHealer would be something I’d expect to see in a SouthPark show taking the mick out of people who play online games like their life depended on it, not something in a real game played by young family members whose parents might not want to explain the nature of human sexuality to just yet.While none of that may dissuade you I simply point out that it’s part of the games EULA, an agreement which must be agreed to each time you play by pressing a button marked ‘I Agree’, has several paragraphs related to derogatory, defamation and other offensive behaviour. Someone found it offensive/inappropriate and reported it. The Game Masters agreed and they enforced that part of the EULA. As far as I know they are some of the most tolerant G-M’s around not like the WoW story I see in which a Gay charcter was actually threatened with expulsion. That has never happened to anyone with an offensive name yet (not on the first go anyway).He agreed to the EULA, he broke one of its rules, he was punished for breaking it not persecuted for his sexual orientation. End of Story or perhaps you’d liek to do a follow-up about his forum name which was also altered from GayHealer to GHealer (not banned, just altered).

  11. I feel that the word “Gay” shouldn’t need to be censored as it can also mean happy and to be honest people who use it in a derogatory fashion are just being childish. However the use of the word as such and as a source of humour by the article’s author means that it must be censored to try prevent in game bullying. Sadly there have been cases of on-line bullying of classmates and what would there be to stop someone creating a character “X-is-gay” or such? Once the slur has been made Cryptic/NCSoft could be at risk since they provided the broadcast medium as I understand the law (hence why, IMO, BB has been so crap for the last few series, the broadcasters block anything the housemates say that might get them in trouble now).There are quite a few already highlighted inconsistancies and lies (6 months Vs. a year, deleted the character-when he was just renamed, etc…) in the author’s article which combined with their need to proclaim themselves as gay in such a fashion and then kicking up a fuss like this leaves me thinking they’re not so much concerned with the fact that they’re gay as with screaming to the world look-at-me-look-at-me! Certainly most on-line communities I’ve been a member of couldn’t care less about sexuality but are quite intolerant of “attentionwhoring” which is what this whole fiasco has really been about.Most of the CoX gay/bi community I’ve read the posts of do not support this individual and are quite understanding in NCSoft/Cryptic’s need to protect itself and the gaming community from those who would mis-use the word “gay”, so while this individual’s friends may have supported his actions (probably because they, like the author, were also more concerned with the humour in the names than anything else), the more vocal (forum posters) part of the gay/bi CoX community doesn’t seem to.If you really need to declare your sexuality on a character then you have a bio which is a bit more discrete and yet there for everyone, who so chooses, to read. But at the end of the day some gays are jerks, some gays are great, some heteros are jerks some heteros are great, etc…, does your sexuality really define you in your entireity or is it just another aspect of you? (if you can actually say it defines you completely you need some hobbies IMO) As such is it really that important to have it as part of your character’s name?

  12. How come all ppl involved in sexual pref’s that are considered as “non normal” have to push it up the face of every one they meet? “Hello, I’m Major Pain and I like to … whatever”. Don’t you gay’s get that it isn’t what you do in your bedroom that offends people but the fact that you gotta show it off wherever you go? I don’t mean that all gay etc people do this but a good amount does. There’s other things in life than your sexual habbits.

  13. The players of CoH (europe) (of which i am one :D ) make one of the most accepting and non-biggoted groups of people I have had the fortune to meet (both off and online)For someone to make a gay character as for “humor” and then cry discrimination is a bit of a joke, and shame on Pink News for providing a pundit with little/no research!I myself have 2 gay characters on CoX, any teammate who reads their bio would know such! Working in a school I know that the word gay is used constantly as a derogetary comment, yet when you actually sit a pupil down and ask them why they think the worksheet is gay, if they think it has desires for similar worksheets, then they reply “its just what u say innit?” This non-thinking use of the word gay is why the word is censored. The word is so ingrained in the 11-18 community that it would be used over broadast constantly, thus it is censored to avoid offence . . .rambling aint i1) he broke the rules KNOWINGLY2) his transgression was CORRECTED, yet he was not punished, he was just made to stay within the rules!

  14. Being a long time subscriber of CoH/CoV i feel this situation could have been better handled instead of causing all this uncessary ‘bad press’ i say let him keep the name i understand PlayNC’s position on the subject of offensive names and wordplay as we do have a large fanbase many of them children and the filters are for their protection and the protection of others

  15. Hello, I am a member of the European City of Heroes community and I would like to say that I am completely disgusted with your article. It shows complete bias, half-truths and contradicts itself at every turn. I am writing this to request you revise the article, as Cryptic Studios, NCSoft and the Community deserve better than the image you’re giving them.

  16. “Discrimination of any sort, physical or mental should not be tolerated in this day and age, and the simple fact that the people who run the game see the word ‘gay’ as a swear word, should also not be tolerated and sends out the wrong message.”The game uses the same dictionary to ban words for both sides of the Atlantic. So if the Americans use the word ‘Gay’ as derogatory alot, then it will be censored. NcSoft and Cryptic are not descriminating against players they are just censoring the words that are seen as offensive to stop them being used in offensive name calling and could potentially stop bullying.If anyone felt they were being harrassed or bullied by another player they can send a ‘petition’ to in game moderators that will investigate the incidence. Have a word with the offender and if he continues being offensive then he gets a 3 day ban. No one would ever get banned for being gay, just continuously breaking the EULA which everyone agrees too when they start playing.

  17. Shane O'Neill 30 Sep 2006, 11:58pm

    I can see why people have disagreed with what has been written in my news article on I personally do not feel they have projected my opion in the fashion I meant it to come across. I am not turning this into a discrimination issue at all, although i DO feel discriminated against.The point i am raising is unlike here where I can write the word gay the game bans that word in any form.This isn’t right, this is like accepting that the word is in some way bad, which only leds to creating the view of others that ‘gay’ is bad.I can say to fellow gamers, i’m striaght…. but if asked I can’t say I’m gay, simply because it could be used in a negative sense.Recently theres been a big debate on Chris Moles (DJ-Radio1) because he has been using the word gay in a negative fashion. This caused up roar. So why are people just accepting the fact that NCPlay are using it in the same fashion, by banning the word.Someone wrote, that i have done this to bring attention to myself. This is not the case at all and the same writer has wrote that I do not listen to others points of view, again simply not true.I can see the fact that I created a charater with the name GayHealer broke the rules and have accepted what people have said about that, and how that was my own fault.However it is upsetting that people are not being more supportive and that other gay people have accepted that the word gay in an online environment is a bad word up there with foul swear words.The game is a 12+ game. I would be shocked if someone aged 12+ has never come across the word gay and does not know its true meaning.Thanks for all your feedbackShane

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