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Gays banned from church leadership roles in New Zealand

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Reader comments

  1. ‘She warned that the rule may be broken by more progressive parishes who “will flout the law and choose their leaders for their commitment to the gospel rather than for their sexual orientation’One would havethougth commitment to the gospel meant obedience to its dictates, one of which forbids all forms of sex outside man/woman marraige.

  2. Why do you have a catholic crucifix on a Presbyterian story?

  3. Is it not hypocritical that the decission made by the leaders of the New Zealand Presbyterian Church regarding gay/lesbian leaders does not extend to those already in a leadership role before 2004. Surely a rule should be for all and not for some.

  4. Is the decision on those having sex outsdie of marriage already in leadership before 2004 also hypocrosy – not only against the Presbyterian Church but also for Christians of all denominations. Again surely a rule should be for all – considering the 10 commandments.

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