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GPA decision ‘victory for common sense’

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Reader comments

  1. ROCK ON BROTHERS!That was an incredibly moving letter.

  2. Dave from Toronto 2 Aug 2006, 11:04am

    Wow, what an intelligent response to the religious homophobes demanding carte blanche immunity.Those GPA guys and girls truly are a credit to their profession.

  3. The advert is both false and cowardly. Can the GPA cite any incident today in which a gay person was killed on the basis of the bible, and if so, that was not condemned by christians? Yet as we speak, Gays are being killed under Sharia law on the basis of the koran in Iraq, Saudi Arabia etc. Don’t forget the June hangings of those boys. Why then use the Bible? Why fear prosecution when it only provides a platform to present the evidence to support the claim? It will only vindicate the innocent.

  4. FaggotBill 26 Sep 2006, 8:00am

    Good decision. Now when the bearded ones call for the death of gays and lesbians they can be called on it. People can’t spread hatred then run and hide behind their religion.

  5. To quote Nike “The advert is both false and cowardly. Can the GPA cite any incident today in which a gay person was killed on the basis of the bible, and if so, that was not condemned by christians”?The GPA never suggested any gay person was killed on the basis of the bible.What the GPA said was “In the last twelve months, The Gay Police Association has recorded a 75% increase in homophobic incidents, where the sole or primary motivating factor was the religious beliefs of the perpetrator.”I suggest Nike stops putting words into the mouths of others. My words are: The three major religions of the world have caused enough pain, suffering and killing and I wish they would just go away and leave people alone.

  6. Luke Bryant - Australia 5 Oct 2006, 5:07am

    TOLERANCE, ACCEPTANCE.Daily – in press worldwide, we read of unprovoked physical attacks on gay citizens in many countries – only some recently having “Hate Crime” legislation that holds the hate crime perpetrator accountable to the Law.In May 1972 Dr. George Duncan, a gay Law Lecturer at Adelaide University, South Australia was first attacked, then thrown into the Torrens River and drowned. More recently, in the United States a gay Wyoming student, Matthew Shepard was bludgeoned and left to die tied to a fence in 1988 and in 1999, Billy Gaither, a gay textile employee in Alabama was bashed with an axe, burned and left to die on a pile of tires.As recently as this year – 2006 – gay persons remain targets for brutal assaults and murder by Shia militias in Iraq. To those people, homosexuality “qualifies as an honour killing” so they murdered an 11 year old boy!In 1996, I was an active member of my States Gay Police Network and had been discussing ways of achieving tolerance within the straight community for G/L people, long subjected to intolerance, when another Officer of the organization interrupted saying,“No! It’s not tolerance that’s required, its acceptance”. She was absolutely correct.Now ten years later, acceptance remains rarely achieved in most western nations, while in several non-western country’s, Governments continue to support extremist, religiously backed policies of “No tolerance accepted” so any public gathering, or private action involving gay sexuality can result in imprisonment, torture and/or execution. Recently in Iran, two teenagers accused of homosexuality were each lashed 228 times over several months before public hanging. They were about 16 years of age at the time of the alleged action.In most of the western world, a damaging attack or killing of a gay person is not often – as it should be – correctly defined as “A Hate Crime” A killing is too often considered as manslaughter which consequently results in lower penalties. This “Lower Penalty” outcome continues to provide opportunities for unprovoked attacks, bashings and more serious crimes against the unwary gay citizen who believes falsely – they have been accepted.Debates about several important gay issues have resulted in the replacement of many arguments previously raised against gay Police, Fire fighters, Emergency Service employees, the Military and civilians, although unresolved issues in Australia and elsewhere remain.So the long journey from “Tolerance” to “Acceptance” continues while the religious hard liners – they are not fundamentalists – they are extremist fanatics, bigots behind posters continuing to falsely proclaim their righteousness as they gain support from radical leaders of the two major religions.It is curious, some uncompromising extremists, taken or given hegemony over the faithful, characterize their sexuality by suppressing it!However, most humans understand the facts. On planet earth the continuation of all life, plant

  7. To Dave, if the GPA did not sugegst that anybody was killed on the basis of the Bible, why was the blood placed alongsie the Bible under the general caption of Religion? The link was clearly made. My point, yes, religion does promote hompobia, and even death to homosexuals in some cases, but why suggest that it is Christianity that does it? We all know the religion that sentences gays to death, and it is not Christianity! Jesus Christ did not permit the crowd to kill the woman caught, according to the Bible, in the ‘very act of adultery’, and that is the Christian response. That is the crux of the matter. It seems that the GPA, knowing that they have nothing to fear from Christians, chose the soft targetm, and therefore prmoted the innuendo, apprently being too scared to name the religion that today, kills people for their sexual practices, (mind you, it is not limited to orientation, it is the expression of sex, that calls for the sentence! )

  8. Michael Hamer was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of Joe Geeling. Both the boys went to a “Roman Catholic” school where they were told that homosexuality is a sin.I think a picture of a pool of blood next to a bible is to soft. I would like to see a picture of GOD with blood on his hands!

  9. Can the GPA actually give details on these crimes that are growing at an ‘alarming rate’? – no. Information that comes from a biased society must be thoroughly checked to see if it is fabricated to advance the societies own agenda.I agree with the post that says that gays are targetting Christians because they have nothing to fear from them. Christians are told to love everybody as one loves themself – including gays. But that does not mean that we have to accept your lifestyle, and it does not mean that we should be punished if we peacefully speak out against it.

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