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Russian transgender’s killer sentenced to life

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Reader comments

  1. This is one confused mother f*cker. She couldn’t have gone on living any other way but it wasn’t worth the price. She needs to get some serious psychological help. Who would have known that a happily married straight woman might have a problem ending up in a lesbian relationship?

  2. as a close personal freind of mells all i can say is ive heard her side at considerable leangth and the version of it here and in the sun is NOT her side of it, far from it infact.please do not be misled by this.

  3. As a transgender woman living in Australia I can empathise with this situation however I ACCEPTED I HAD LIVED A LIE AFTER MY WIFE DIVORCED ME. Had I changed gender while married as a strasight woman she would have left me and so that is life for us transgenr girls who marry and have kids. In relation to spending the money any transgender girl would do that. Sadly many of us struggle along as we may never afford the final surgery and so dont feel fulfilled, I have had sympathetic people say Governemnts should fund the change and while that would be great having had a child with leaukemia I would rather government funds be spend on peoples and childrens health. It would be great if there was like a interest free or low interest based foundation that lent us girls money to have gender reassignment as it is an emotional issue that we try and live through while in limbo. My dream would be to have such a fund set up and it becomes self funding with girls paying back over time what they borrowed. Myabe im selfish)

  4. mika cooper 25 Sep 2006, 5:03am

    I’m commenting on the story titled “Russian transgender’s killer sentenced to life.” I have no idea what those other comments, which antedate this story, refer to.Um, Did the person who wrote the headline actually the story? Not with his or her brain turned on, evidently. The crime occurred in St. Petersburg,

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