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Minister for Police pledges support for anti-gay hatred law

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Reader comments

  1. Who really feels the need to be “protected from this deeply offensive material”? Arresting the idiot has just made a martyr of him.Let the fool speak, and remove all doubt.

  2. Why should a religious hatemonger be allowed to distribute his shit at a gay event? Do we think it acceptable for the KKK to distribute pamphlets at black events? We’re fighting for equality and tolerance and this kunt is promoting the idea that we need to change because we are abominations. Hang him.

  3. I think Someone should direct this person to the site http://www.godmademegay.comI am a lesbian and a christian and I shall be happy to stand before God on my judgement day.

  4. I thought you had to be an intellectually constipated, sub-adolescent to want to use the state as one’s own terrorist organisation to impose his values on everyone else at threat of death or imprisonment. Maybe one day homosexuals will actually have the ability to defend their views rationally and intellectually instead of imposing a fascist censorship agenda on others.

  5. Nice to see all the free speech advocates in the comments … Mr Green should have got a local imam to accompany him then he’d have been fine …

  6. This man is a publicity seeking backward bigot who has been given to prominent a role as an acceptable human being. He is not.He should be stopped in every way possible.

  7. From the reports I have read of Green’s arrest, I don’t believe that anything he said or did at the event constituted “incitement” to act against the gay community. However disagreeable his views, he ought to be free to express them, for if he isn’t, much wider and more onerous implications will surely follow.

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