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Pope in trouble for anti-Muslim remarks

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Reader comments

  1. Dr. shanthikumar Hettiarachchi 15 Sep 2006, 11:23am

    Pope Benedict’s recent comments with several refrences to a medvieval Byzentine emperpor who was homophobic has made his position very vulnerable in a already polarised sentiments between Muslims and Christians. Benedict with his words of has now put Christians of all denominations livng as minorities in Muslims countries into deep turmoil. I appeal to Vatican to rectify this most untimely comments from a significant office that requires humility and not power, theological maturity and not theistic monopoly.

  2. I can’t stand the pope but the endless nonsense coming out of Muslim countries vis-a-vis Christianity makes the Pope come across as a UN diplomat. It’s the usual double standard here — the Pope is bad man but Muslims can say what they like about Christianity with impunity.Let’s put this another way. You fuck with Christians in your countries and we’ll fuck with Muslims in ours.

  3. Pot calling the kettle balck or what. Christianity and especially catholocism has been the most intolerant of all religions. After all it was the popes who sanctioned the many inquisitions and conquest of the black infidels. It was “pious” men like Bendidick who proposed Chritianisation of the new world by force. I mean you simply have to look at all the wars in atrocities in this world and ask who was/is responsible for most of them, Crusades,WW1 WW2, holocaust, slavery..hiroshima nagasaki … err pardon me but it was Christians. The most powerful, the most belligerent adn tooled up nations in this world are “Christian” nations.. I ask you him this, if Christianity is so peace loving then why do UK/US(Israel)/France/Russia need nukes? In contrast apart from Pakistan there are no other Muslim country in the world has nukes and Pakistan only has them as a deterrent measure against its much larger Indian adversary. Expalin this peace loving Pooper!!!This man does not even have the gusts to use his own word to frame his ignorance of Islam and has hide behind age old prejudices of Islam going back to the medeval age.Who let the rotweiller out! who! who! Bush and Blair of course!

  4. As an atheist and admirer of Bertrand Russell, of course I am very sceptical about religious leaders. But the anger of islamists at the pope’s speech is just as grotesque as their rage at the Mohammed cartoons. They maliciously distort B XVI’s and quote him out of context. It is not only an attack on the leader of the RC Church, but also on every form of free exchange of religious or philosophical ideas. Their aim is to dictate the terms of any “dialogue” between religions or cultures and free speech is not one of those terms. If we want to keep our freedom and democracy, we have to reject those terms and the idea that politics should be dictated by an imaginary “will of god”. This article even seems to suggest those fundamentalists are some sort of allies in the gay cause!

  5. A church that protects priests that sexually abuse children knows all about eveil. Is the pope pro pedophile?

  6. Truthseeker 20 Sep 2006, 8:04am

    I think what is really needed is honest, balanced and rational understanding from both sides. What the Pope has quoted opened the way to many question marks. I think the Moslem world needs to know how the head of a major sector of Christian world know and understand about history (rather than philosophy of religions). On the other hand, the west has to consider the chain of political mistakes/plots(?) which led to the creation of the new enemy after the fall of communism; Islamic( fascism/terrorism).Finally, “dear holy Pope do not spoil your Church by bluffing Caesar!”

  7. Quote Kettle: “I ask you him this, if Christianity is so peace loving then why do UK/US (Israel)/France/Russia need nukes?”The UK, US and France are not Christian countries they are secular.. that’s why other religions are allowed to flourish (unlike in the truly religious states of Iran and Saudi Arabia). As for Israel, well that clearly isn’t christian (ask the pope how christian he thinks jews are and see what you get). When Russia/USSR was building nukes it was officially an atheist/communist state.

  8. I believe the time is right to take the Pope to the European Courts of Justice for his uneducational stand against using condoms throughout the World causing many people to die from HIV and AIDS. If the Roman Catholic or any other Religious faith wish to meddle in Politics then they should be taxed like everyone else. And if they wish to believe that Creation started 2000 ago, then I would rather believe the Darwenian Theory being that the World has been around a lot longer than that!

  9. Why would the pope’s ban on condoms cause people’s death? What makes you think that anybody who disobeys the pope’s ban agsint sex outside marraige, polygamy and adultery would ever obey his ban on condoms? Get real.

  10. I do completely agree with the Pope on his speech! When you are in Rome, do as Romans do, however, muslims who came to the West do not want to Respect and Integrate in our Christian society, vise verse, they try to convert UK and other countries into Muslim states! We, West, provided too much democracy and softenes towards immigrants such as muslims and now, we have to pay for our softenes and our loss of Christian Identity by our blood and faith! Wake up, West!! We do not have to tolerate Hostility and agression towards us from Muslims any longer!! We have to save our Christian Countries, otherwise, we will be killed or converted into Islam.. Is that what you want??? I am not a racist, I am a Christian who is PROUD TO BE CHRISTIAN and Proud to live in (not for a long, unfortunalety!!) in a Christian UK!!! They, muslims, can carry on believing in Islam but they HAVE TO LEARN RESPECT AND THEIR PLACE in Our Christian World!!

  11. Sthe UK isn’t a Xian country – if anything it is past-Xian.We live in a liberal secular democracy, like most of Europe, and even the US.I don’t care if Muslims (or Xians) practice their faith as long as it’s within the fundamental principle that we are secular with adherence to the human rights we are have and are aspiring to. That means freedoms that extend all the way to the pointthat they restrict others’ rights.The Xians have meddled in politics to get their ideas recognised; the Muslims are trying to do the same. It’s a pity that politics are so spineless as to take notice

  12. Robert, ex-pat Brit 7 Jan 2008, 7:52pm

    apYrs, actually, by definition we are a christian country insofar as the established church of the land is concerned. Disestablish the church once and for all, and then we would truly be a non-christian country but a multicultural society of many differing faiths, one of the tenets of pure democracy.No religion should meddle in politics, just take a look at what has happened in the U.S. where there is no provision for established religion. In our case, however, the church is supported by government and taxpayers. Therein lies the problem. Remove the funding and let them fend for themselves if they want to continue discriminating against us, but not on my taxpayer pounds though. The same goes for the Catholic church and others.As for that awful registrar, if she doesn’t like performing partnership ceremonies because they conflict with her bigotry and hypocrisy, let her find employment elsehwere, hopefully one that does not involve my tax pounds either. Religion is a choice and as such should be kept in the home, not in the public arena or allowed to permeate or taint the political process where it does not belong.

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