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Rights organisations condemn outing of gays

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Reader comments

  1. If Ugandan officials print the names of gay men in the papers the gay men will probably be killed. To my mind it would be reasonable, therefore, for gay men to kill Ungandan officials wherever they may be found. If they want to incite murder then lets kill them too.

  2. They are not humans. These outers are monsters. Gay people are just liveing out there lives as all of us are tring to do. These animals are subhuman and should be shot like the dogs they are. Gay people will have to stand and fight to over come hate. I say kill everyone that hates gays!!!!!!

  3. I hate homosexuality but love the people who are blinded to the act, so the reason i say that “Together we rise up and wipe out homosexuality that is eating up our Adored African Culture”. These people are blinded and corrupted into homosexuality and it takes understanding and love to get them on the right track.However when handled softly, everyone might find him/herself entagled. Come back to your senses as ought and be men if u are men, or women if u are women but not both. Thax

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