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BNP back anti-gay preacher

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Reader comments

  1. Tim Jones 6 Sep 2006, 8:22pm

    Surely the story here is not the BNP comment at all – who on earth cares what spin the BNP put on anything. The real story is that somebody making a mild, peaceful protest at a gay rally has been arrested by the police. For goodness sake, people, wake up! This is an opportunity for the gay community to protest loud and clear that freedom of speech is as essential a civil right as the freedom to fall in love.

  2. David Bruno 7 Sep 2006, 9:23am

    Well said, Tim. Arresting people for exercising freedom of expression (unless it is used specifically to incite violence) is bad news for ALL of us who believe passionately that freedom of expression (political, religious, social, artistic, whatever) is an essential cornerstone of a free society. Just imagine Peter Tatchell being arrested, for example, if he were to protest at a Muslim event about gay rights under Islam…Also, arresting someone for criticizing gays or homosexuality is counterproductive to the interests of gays: it gives the general public the impression (however mistakenly) that we are somehow priviledged and a backlash against us could easily ensue.

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  4. Ask yourselves this – why is that Gay rights activists demand their rights to be heard and yet welcome the arrest of a straight person to object?
    Why is it that the organisation called Stonewall report objectors who write to them and object to their policies by calling the Police? Are evil spirits at work here?

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