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Gay group criticises unholy alliance

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Reader comments

  1. peterrivendell 26 Jul 2006, 10:56pm

    I must say that I think that handing out leaflets at a Gay Pride event should be a voluntary task – and if people don`t want to do it they shouldn’t have to and we wouldn’t want them there under duress.

  2. HAHA what a joke. “diversity training” in other words teaching homophobic cavemen fire fighters how to hide their true homophobic feelings!These bastards should have been sacked IMO.

  3. Why is receiving training described as ‘punishment’? Is that the Fire Brigade’s view or just your journalist’s?

  4. John Clarkeson 1 Sep 2006, 9:47pm

    If everyone who was gay left the Catholic Church the administration would fall apart. In fact, in the real world thousands of unseen gays work every day – some are neighbours, some are relatives – they’ve always been there since the year dot. Mario Conti should ‘get real’. Bloody twit.

  5. The Catholic Church continues to disgrace itself. Perhaps the idiot Archbishop might see things differently if these very same fireman refused to educate members of his congregation about fire safety because they were Catholic.

  6. I have alot of friends and have worked with Gay People of both sex and have only respect for them as they have for me,and they believe as I do that each o us has our rights and they include not forcing my way of life,or theoirs down any one’s throat!
    the hew and cry of bigot,homofob and all the other name you of the offended gay community are the one’s who are all these things,as of now I and perhaps many others who had supported you will now not support you as you are now attacking all of us and putting us in lump!
    You say you have pride and want others to show you respect for your life style,well here is the way to go about it,and is only a suggestion and most of you will be offended,but it is Shut Up,Put Up,and show us the respect We deserve as Human Beings Just Like You!
    Your preception of being shunned or dis-respected come from you attitude and your arrogant belief that you deserve this from the rest of us,”NOT” as with every one else you need to earn it,and it will not be won by an all out WAR and Demands you try to force on the rest of us.
    I have never discriminated against any GAY PERSON,and have trained them to work in my chosen field of expertise!
    So pull your heads out of that deep dark place that smell like your own crap and start by showing some class to gain the respect you seem to think can be force out of your equals!!!!

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