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04 September 2006

  • 4th September 2006

    Cameron highlights importance of gay unions 6

    David Cameron has used his keynote speech to the Conservative party conference to affirm his support for civil partnerships

    12:00 AM — David Cameron has used his keynote speech to the Conservative party conference to affirm his support for civil partnerships.Towards the end of his hour-long address to delegates, the Tory leader covered familiar ground, saying the party should back marriage.He said that there was something special about marriage that is not about religion or morality, but also about "the two of us together, and that really matters."

  • Monsters, motors and marchers join Cardiff Mardi Gras

    The festival drew support from local politicians with representation from Wales four main political parties

    12:00 AM — Cardiff held it's 8th annual Mardi Gras last Saturday, with around 40,000 people overcoming the rain to visit the event in the Welsh capital's Cooper's Field.The Mardi Gras festival began in 1999, when it first attracted just 6,000 people, but the event now brings all groups to Wales, from Doctor Who monsters, to a gay rugby tournament, to the "World's First Gay Motor Show."

  • Pupils urged to report homophobic bullying

    So far around 700 people have filled in the questionnaire and Alan Wardle, Stonewall's parliamentary and public affairs spokesman is confident they can get 1000 responses by October when the research ends

    12:00 AM — The summer holidays draw to a close this week and we can soon expect to see our streets adorned in gangs of grey v-necks, untucked shirts and poorly constructed ties, but for some pupils the end of the summer means a return to playgrounds full of homophobic taunts and bullying.Since May, gay charity Stonewall has been hosting an online survey to find out about young gay, lesbian and bisexual people's experiences of homophobic bullying in British schools.

  • World Pride organisers negotiate gay march date 23

    A new date of 21st September was scheduled for the march, but this was subsequently rejected by the police

    12:00 AM — The Jerusalem Open House (JOH) has responded to Israeli authorities with negotiation after government ministers thwarted plans for a lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender 'Pride and Tolerance' march in Jerusalem.Despite this setback Noa Sattah, the executive director of the JOH, issued a rallying call to Israel saying: "I call everyone who cares about the future of Jerusalem to come and take part in the march."

  • Steven Gerrard tops gay Wanted list

    Reporting on the Lust List has become an annual event for the red-top tabloids.

    12:00 AM — It seems that having an unconventional speaking voice continues to be no bar to gay lust.After the squeaks of David Beckham, the nasal whine of Persil's favourite footballer is music to the ears of gay fans.A survey conducted by the Gay Football Supporters Network has revealed that Liverpool and England midfielder Steven Gerrard has topped their 2006 'Lust List.'

  • Anti gay protester held after Mardi Gras 7

    Mr Green was arrested over a Public Order offence for handing out leaflets at the Cardiff Mardi Gras

    12:00 AM — Stephen Green, director of Christian Voice, was arrested at the Cardiff Mardi Gras for leafleting on Saturday.Mr Green was approached by officers who asked him to stop leafleting people, but he was arrested when he continued to distribute leaflets with extracts taken from the Gospel.

  • Ugandan Prime Minister backs anti-gay church view 2

    Apolo Nsibambi at the International Conference on Sustainable Food Security for All by 2020 in September 2001.

    12:00 AM — Uganda's Prime Minister has backed the Anglican church's negative view of homosexuality claiming it is "inimical" to resist Western values being brought into Africa.Speaking at the start of the 18th Provincial Assembly of the Church of the Province of Uganda , Apolo Nsibambi, expressed support for the church's stand against homosexuality.

  • Iraqi gay discrimination “symptomatic” of country’s fate 1

    OutRage is working to support its counterpart organisation in Baghdad, Iraqi LGBT

    12:00 AM — A gay rights group has accused the "Blair backed Iraqi government" of descending the country into an Iranian style religious dictatorship.An investigation by OutRage reveals that parts of Iraq, including some Baghdad neighbourhoods, are now under the de facto control of Taliban-style fundamentalist militias who are enforcing a savage interpretation of Sharia law.

  • Gay TV star challenges “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”

    Lehmkuhl graduated in 1996, served five years and attained the rank of Captain before his honourable discharge.

    12:00 AM — Reichen Lehmkuhl has writen a book about his experiences as a gay man in the US Air Force.32-year-old shot to prominence as the boyfriend of former N-Sync star Lance Bass, who recently surprised no-one by coming out.Lehmkuhl won the US reality show "The Amazing Race" and has subsequently worked as a model and TV presenter.

  • Trevor Phillips tipped for equality role

    He is a controversial choice, given his very close relationship with new Labour.

    12:00 AM — The current chairman of the Commission for Racial Equality will be asked to run the 'super-commission' for human rights. The Guardian reports that Trevor Phillips will be appointed head of the new Commission for Equality Human Rights.He is a controversial choice, given his very close relationship with New Labour.

  • Spinster sisters challenge over gay tax rights

    The spinster Burden sisters Joyce, 88, and Sybil, 81, have written to the Chancellor before every Budget since 1976 asking for exemption for family members from inheritance tax.

    12:00 AM — Two octogenarian sisters are taking the British government to the European Court of Human Rights over a tax dispute..Since the introduction of civil partnerships earlier this year, gay and lesbian couples are now exempted from paying inheritance tax when their partner dies, the same exemption enjoyed by married couples.

  • Rupert blasts Hollywood gay discrimination

    His long career has included roles in several major Hollywood productions, but always in small gay roles.

    12:00 AM — Rupert Everett has attacked Hollywood for not giving him romantic roles because he is gay.The 47-year-old, who publishes his autobiography next month, has also revealed he had a sexual relationship with the late Paula Yates while she was married to Bob Geldof.Everett said: "Without doubt gays are discriminated against in show business."

  • Gay group criticises unholy alliance 6

    Fire-fighters at Euro Pride in London this year

    12:00 AM — A Scottish gay group has criticised an unholy alliance of critics towards the nine Glasgow fire-fighters who were reprimanded for snubbing a gay pride march last June, after the Archbishop of Glasgow and a BNP spokesperson defended the public servants.The Equality Network spoke out against Archbishop Mario Conti and Glasgow BNP organiser Walter Hamilton questioning their dignity in regards to the case.

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