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No gay pride at protest

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Reader comments

  1. I wonder how Stephen Green would feel if a group of gays and lesbians stood outside his church and [peacefully] handed out leaflets on homosexuality [with quotes from various scientific journals showing that homosexuality is normal] would react?

  2. David Bruno 7 Sep 2006, 11:36am

    Hopefully he would accept it as the freedom of expression that is an essential part of the fabric of a democratic society. It is outrageous that the police should have arrested him and it is also dangerous for civil liberties. It is unlikely that gays protesting outside a meeting of Evangelical Christians would be arrested (‘Christianiphobia’ is not yet in the lexicon of aggrieved minority groups) – but likely that gays protesting outside an Islamist meeting would be arrested (‘Islamaphobia’ increasingly trumps ‘homophobia’ in the PC pecking order with police action to match).Instead of closing down freedom of expression, it’s far better to give greater reign to it and to ensure that the police spend their time dealing with real rather than thought crimes.

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