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August 2006

  • 29th August 2006

    Pride veterans shun gay pride charge

    In a move aimed at subverting, and protesting against Manchester Pride's charging over £50 for walkers, the pair, Ohmeed Ahi, chief steward of The Pink Festival, and Tim Groves, deputy chief steward of Europride 2006, shunning the registration process

    12:00 AM — Two former pride organisers protested against Manchester Pride by taking part in the march on Saturday but refusing to pay the £50 registration charge.In a move aimed at subverting, and protesting against Manchester Pride's charging over £50 for walkers, the pair, Ohmeed Ahi, chief steward of The Pink Festival, and Tim Groves, deputy chief steward of Europride 2006, shunned the registration process last weekend.

  • 25th August 2006

    Homophobic bully named and shamed by local paper 2

    After sentencing, representatives of  The South Shields Gazette  successfully argued that Murray should not be protected from identification.

    12:00 AM — A local paper has won the right to name a homophobic bully who assaulted a gay 15-year-old boy. The South Shields Gazette appealed to magistrates at South Tyneside Youth Court to lift the automatic anonymity the law grants to offenders under 18, in order to publicise the hate crime.16-year-old Darren Murphy, of Kirkstone Avenue, Jarrow, led a gang of six teenagers who set upon the 15-year-old as he walked along the A19 in Jarrow on May 9th.

  • COMMENT: Not all representation is positive 7

    When it is some Essex white-van man with a can of Stella resting on his belly, chortling at the funny fat faggot mincing round being flamboyantly gay, it becomes much harder to argue that the programme is having a positive impact.

    12:00 AM — Should we be happy that the rather shallow humour of Little Britain is being exported to America?Or that more and more companies are commissioning 'gay' adverts to appeal to homo-consumers?Representation is always a slippery issue. Tony Grew muses on whether more adverts and more gay jokes are a good thing. 

  • Badgering for LGF

    Ruth Badger will be helping the Lesbian  Gay foundaion for this weekend's Manchester Pride

    12:00 AM — The Apprentice finalist Ruth Badger will be helping out with the Lesbian Gay Foundation (LGF) at the forthcoming Manchester Pride's Big Weekend, August 26-28.Ms Badger has apparently been putting her entrepreneurial skills to the test by helping out to organise and develop the LGF's campaign for the weekend which is aimed at people in the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community.

  • Wal-Mart criticised for pro-gay attitude

    Wal-Mart has been criticised by the AFA for its pro-gay stance

    12:00 AM — Wal-Mart has risked the wrath of its bible belt roots in the United States after joining the a gay commerce group.The Arkansas based company has faced opposition in its changing attitude to gay and lesbian people in the US by groups such as the American Family Association (AFA).AFA says that by joining the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC) Wal-Mart has abandoned its "pro family stance."

  • 24th August 2006

    Swedish gays may get church weddings 1

    Earlier this year, the church approved blessings of same-sex partnerships and actively welcomed LGBT clergy. (photo: megan ann@flickr)

    12:00 AM — We are told it is what every girl dreams of: the big church wedding.Proposals before the Swedish government could see that dream become a reality for the country's gay and lesbian couples.Until 2000 the Church of Sweden was established, meaning was is the official state religion. It now has autonomy from the government.

  • “Gay sex party” ends in tragedy

    A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police said: “A man in his late 30s was taken to hospital where he was pronounced dead.“

    12:00 AM — A party at the flat of a German aristocrat ended in tragedy last night when a man fell 60ft from a window of a Chelsea property.The man, in his late thirties, was pronounced dead at hospital. The incident happened at approximately 5.30 this morning.Police sources told The Sun newspaper that a 'gay sex party' was taking place at the flat of Count Gottfried von Bismarck.

  • Lesbian Barbie upsets Mattel 6

    Barbie's owners are sensitive to the implication that their chattel is not 100% heterosexual. (photo: mickey glitter)

    12:00 AM — The honour of a tiny 46-year-old plastic woman is at the centre of an argument between a Brazilian artist and a major toy manufacturer.The pneumatic curves of the iconic Barbie doll have provided inspiration to photographer Karin Schwarz.Her pictures of the blonde in compromising situations with other female models have upset Mattel

  • Gay activists to picket ex-gay conference

    TWO have mocked some of the more extreme methods of the ex-gay movement, such as banning men from wearing Abercrombie  Fitch or Calvin Klein clothing.

    12:00 AM — In an amusing spot of role-reversal, gay activists in Texas are planning to protest outside a church holding a conference for ex-gays.Truth Wins Out will picket the church in Carrollton, TX, this Saturday, as a one day conference by Christian organisation Living Hope covers topics such as "Raising Gender-Healthy Kids" and "Homosexuality and the Bible."

  • Gays in Nepal demand legal protection

    Gay, lesbian and transgender people in Nepal face regular abuse, beatings and rapes at the hands of  the security forces.(photo: steve evans)

    12:00 AM — It is arguably the last feudal society on earth, ruled with an iron fist by a royal dictator.Gay, lesbian and transgender people in Nepal face regular abuse, beatings and rapes at the hands of the security forces.Now The Blue Diamond Society, surely among the bravest gay rights activists in the world, have publicly announced that they want Nepal to give them legal protection.

  • Afternoon cruising in local park angers residents

    Gosford Park in Newcastle is said to be the third best cruising ground in Britain

    12:00 AM — A local community park in Newcastle is suffering because the numbers of cruising gays visiting the area.Exhibition park, refered to as "X park" on the internet, has become a popular venue for gay cruising with people visiting the area to meet others looking for carefree sex in the afternoon.People living in the area have given up going to the park at night, according to the Evening Chronicle.

  • Gay culture courses available through university clearing

    Universities in Westminster, Sunderland, Southampton, Hull and Aberdeen have added different areas of study to their existing sociology courses (photo: dcjohn)

    12:00 AM — The hype over A Level exam results is beginning to fade as students begin to pack their bags for university, for those with an interest in the gay community there are still places left on many suitable courses. Dave McElhill investigates.You can now get an education in issues such as sexuality in civilisation and the place of homosexuality in modern society.

  • Petition launched to save gay club

    Kylie Minogue is just one of the stars who has appeared at the venue (Photo: benidorme)

    12:00 AM — A petition has been launched to save the home of the G-A-Y nightclub.The Astoria was sold in June for around £24 million to Derwent Valley developers who intend to turn the venue into shops, offices and flats, but partygoers including the gay community are determined to keep the popular music venue open.

  • In my Liverpool homo

    The exhibition features a recreation of a steward's cabin featuring a flamboyant dress of the type worn during camp crew shows.

    12:00 AM — Life for gay men in austere 1950's Britain was grim. Homosexual relationships were illegal and the country had a buttoned-up moral and social atmosphere.One way to escape was to join the merchant navy, where gay flamboyance was tolerated, even welcomed.Now the Merseyside Maritime Museum is hosting an exhibition, entitled Hello Sailor! documenting these hidden gay lives.

  • South Africa set for gay unions 10

    The change in the law is part of an improving South African situation for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT)community

    12:00 AM — South Africa's cabinet has given the all clear for a change in the law regarding same sex unions in the country.The change in the law will come following a constitutional court decision that the definition of marriage in the 1961 Marriage Act was unconstitutional and as a result needed to be changed by Parliament.

  • Civil union pioneers split

    Vermont was the first US state to introduce a civil union law in 2000 and Carolyn Conrad and Kathleen Peterson, immediately jumped at the chance to register their partnership

    12:00 AM — The USA's first couple to have a civil union have split up, in what gay campaigners are calling a fine example of how the law works.Vermont was the first US state to introduce a civil union law in 2000 and Carolyn Conrad and Kathleen Peterson, immediately jumped at the chance to register their partnership.

  • Comment: Cartoon characters also go to Mars

    So what if gay people buy some Spongebob merchandise, they also buy deodorant

    12:00 AM — PinkNews.co.uk's Dave McElhill calls for an end to the hunt for homosexual cartoon characters.The frenzy of concern has recently crossed the channel from the United States and taken hold of the media during the newspaper silly season.Thanks to cigarette smoking blue cats, domestically abusive homophobic miners (Fred Flintstone, apparently), and accusations of characters being overly violent, subversive, or homosexual, the media can complain for long quiet periods about children's television.

  • Original Stonewall Inn to close 3

    Greenwich Village has undergone a slow but permanent transformation from dive to desirable, and it seems there is no place for the old Stonewall Inn. (photo: Montrealais@wikipedia)

    12:00 AM — It is where the modern gay rights movement was born. Tired of years of police harassment, the denizens of Manhattan's run-down Stonewall Inn finally stood up for their rights and rioted.The events of those sultry June nights in 1969 ignited a power-keg, and the explosion was heard around the world.Within 12 months there were gay rights movements organising and protesting across the Western world.

  • More gay problems for California’s lawmakers 1

    California banned gay marriage but has legalised civil unions, or domestic partnerships as they are known, for LGBT people. (photo: Bev Sykes)

    12:00 AM — It was a shame that Governor Terminator was not present to keep the peace, as California lawmakers once again descended into tantrums over gay issues.A bill to allow registered domestic partners to file joint tax returns seems to have been a little too much for some Republican Assembly members yesterday.

  • Gay pride festival can’t find politician to take part

    This year's pride festival, the 27th, has been marred by homophobic hate mail sent to the organisers calling them paedophiles.

    12:00 AM — Gay pride in Galway is Ireland's oldest LGBT event, yet organisers have not been able to find a single politician to open the festivities.The city's Green party mayor was due to kick off proceedings tonight, but he was called away on other business.Organiser Darren Whelan was sceptical about their fruitless search for a replacement.

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