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Gay conversion groups encouraging “child abuse”

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  1. R. Downey 4 Sep 2006, 8:59pm

    Why is “bullying” called “bullying” for those under 18, but “assault and harrassment” for adults – and not subject to the same legal protections? Are children inherently mentally impaired when it comes to morality? Does “do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” only apply to adults? Are children worthless citizens of their country, and therefore not entitled to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” as it says in the American constitution, until they reach 18? Many children regard it as a sign of weakness if they report an incident to the authorities.I was assaulted and harassed by peers as a child, but no one ever taught us to report abuse to the authorities. Only after I entered college did I learn of my rights. I then determined to immediately report any abuse directly to the authorities, and I expected them to support me.The teaching of our rights in the schools of the Western world is sadly lacking and needs to change. Otherwise more of our abusive, violent children will become abusive, violent adults.

  2. Truth Wins Out - Countering PFOX In The Schools 17 Mar 2009, 11:52pm

    […] accused of distorting research. It also published an essay that claimed gender variant children should be “ridiculed” and another one that seemed to justify slavery. NARTH has also widely quoted Holocaust revisionist […]

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