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Human rights group provide gay Bible insights

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Reader comments

  1. Jim Santiago 30 Aug 2006, 5:49am

    No matter how much this radical humanrights group try to redefine God’s words and laws, it’ll always boil down to condemnation by God.One must understand who are we to challenge God and his words? Can we add one inch to our stature? Can raise up the dead by our very words?Of course not…so how dare this radical pathetic human rights group re-define what God has called an abomination or SIN?Sodoma and Gamorrah did exists, wasdestroyed by God because of homosexuality.

  2. Hank Hudson 31 Aug 2006, 12:58am

    People with all kinds of problems,troubles, issues etc. are looking atit all as a physical, biological orsociological problem and an answerforthcoming from that particulararea. But as the Holy Bible saysas well as the Apostles, we fightagainst powers of satan and hisdevils, which most people don’t understand. Satan is a masterfuldeceiver and twists everything forhis gain. Sexual sins are one ofhis best sources to confuse anddestroy unbelievers. Fight the good fight through Jesus Christ !

  3. marsha galinsky 7 Nov 2007, 8:20am

    Whoa. I’m reluctant to follow the previous hate-filled comments and claim Christianity, but …For an even handed view of the top scripture references supposedly condemning homosexuality, I would refer those commenters (and anyone else seeking an educated commentary) to these citations, first for New Testament and second for Old Testament:They reveal that nothing is clear-cut and everything depends on context and accurate translation.Since Jesus never said anything Himself about homosexuality, but said a great deal in favor of tolerance and acceptance (especially towards society’s cast-offs), and his condemnation of judgments, and most importancy about the primacy of love, I find it hard to believe that as a Christian, it is incumbent on me to judge anyone for what they do for love.

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