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Gay humanists criticise “spineless” Archbishop

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Reader comments

  1. Why should we be shocked?

  2. diggler943 29 Aug 2006, 3:00pm

    Well maybe not quite as Mr Shoffman writes it (Would he be quite so cavalier if he were commenting on the Chief Rabbi?)…..As a gay man who was confirmed in the Church of England only last month and for whose partner prayers were said in our Church on the anniversary of his death only on the 13th of August last..this piece from Pink News seems to have condensed and then embroidered more than a little what the Archbishop said.Some comment from the Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement and Richard Kirker would have given some balance perhaps.

  3. George Broadhead 31 Aug 2006, 2:15pm

    diggler 943 has a point but we did make it clear that this, and of course the many other sources of religious homphobia, affect not only gay believers but non-believers as well.George

  4. The Arch-Bishop is at last showing some spine!

  5. William A. Courson 4 Sep 2006, 1:32am

    Archbishop Williams’ capitulation to those forces within Anglicanism that would continue the Church’s millenium-spanning silencing of its gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered children would now appear to be near complete. So very sad, particularly coming from a man who initially had shown so much promise of reform. Under the guise of ‘maintaining unity’ (even when that unity encompasses falling into march behind an individual such as the Primate of Nigeria who has called for the continued outlawing of homosexual conduct and whose country’s policies of putting gay people to death said Primate ardently supports), Dr. Williams has betrayed not only his LGBT brethren, but has forfeited the prophetic dimension of his important office.And once again, sadly, we see the axiomatic lack of quality exhibited by “liberal Churchpeople” as long-term allies in the struggle for human freedom, dignity and equality.I at one time believed that if Anglcanism had any distinctive charism within the Christian tradition, it was that of hospitality. Clearly I, and many others erred in this.When the history of the Church in this period we are living through is finally written, I feel that Rowan Williams will be recalled as someone who willingly sacrificed the call to do justice on the altar of the God of conformity and will emerge as, at best, a tragic figure, and at worst an enemy of human freedom, happiness and dignity.

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