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25 August 2006

  • 25th August 2006

    Homophobic bully named and shamed by local paper 2

    After sentencing, representatives of  The South Shields Gazette  successfully argued that Murray should not be protected from identification.

    12:00 AM — A local paper has won the right to name a homophobic bully who assaulted a gay 15-year-old boy. The South Shields Gazette appealed to magistrates at South Tyneside Youth Court to lift the automatic anonymity the law grants to offenders under 18, in order to publicise the hate crime.16-year-old Darren Murphy, of Kirkstone Avenue, Jarrow, led a gang of six teenagers who set upon the 15-year-old as he walked along the A19 in Jarrow on May 9th.

  • COMMENT: Not all representation is positive 7

    When it is some Essex white-van man with a can of Stella resting on his belly, chortling at the funny fat faggot mincing round being flamboyantly gay, it becomes much harder to argue that the programme is having a positive impact.

    12:00 AM — Should we be happy that the rather shallow humour of Little Britain is being exported to America?Or that more and more companies are commissioning 'gay' adverts to appeal to homo-consumers?Representation is always a slippery issue. Tony Grew muses on whether more adverts and more gay jokes are a good thing. 

  • Badgering for LGF

    Ruth Badger will be helping the Lesbian  Gay foundaion for this weekend's Manchester Pride

    12:00 AM — The Apprentice finalist Ruth Badger will be helping out with the Lesbian Gay Foundation (LGF) at the forthcoming Manchester Pride's Big Weekend, August 26-28.Ms Badger has apparently been putting her entrepreneurial skills to the test by helping out to organise and develop the LGF's campaign for the weekend which is aimed at people in the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community.

  • Wal-Mart criticised for pro-gay attitude

    Wal-Mart has been criticised by the AFA for its pro-gay stance

    12:00 AM — Wal-Mart has risked the wrath of its bible belt roots in the United States after joining the a gay commerce group.The Arkansas based company has faced opposition in its changing attitude to gay and lesbian people in the US by groups such as the American Family Association (AFA).AFA says that by joining the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC) Wal-Mart has abandoned its "pro family stance."

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