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Lesbian Barbie upsets Mattel

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Reader comments

  1. This is really sad that anyone would think that about a TOY.

  2. I would like to remind Mattel that a good percentage of its market consists of gay men who purchase Barbie dolls as collector items. Furthermore, same sex parents also purchase Barbie dolls for their children. The initial concept of Barbie was to provide girls with a toy in which they could use their imagination to transform Barbie into whatever they liked. And if this means that some girls chose for their Barbie to be a lesbian, then, so be it. This proposed lawsuit is an insult to the entire gay community and Mattel should be ashamed of itself for its disrespect to the worldwide gay community.

  3. Barbara Ann Ehrgott 29 Jan 2007, 11:03pm

    As a christian parent and grandparent I must apoligize for the ignorance and lack of compassionate love these fundamental extremeist take. It is a shame the theses people are so full of hatred and claim to be Christian (Christ like). They may think that they speak for all Christian Women but they are sadly mistaken. I the teachings of Christ we are all God’s children, and, hatred and bigotry hold no place in true belief.Respectfully Rev. Barbara A. Ehrgott

  4. Nancy (Randall) 2 Feb 2007, 6:05pm

    I cannot believe how ignorant of human emotions these right wing conservative (BLEEPS)can be. I am a transexual adult at the very beginning of my transition and I can tell you me feeling like a man in a girls body came far before my knowledge of dolls like Barbie. Obviously the people that proposed this argument have never taken the time to engage in conversation with anyone who is dealing with being transexual.

  5. What? Mattel cannot be serious. Who cares if someone has taken odd pictures of dolls they have bought. To sue over this is just absolutely ridiculous. That would be like suing me because I changed her default outfit or styled her hair :/

  6. They’re talking about “Barbie” like she’s a real person.

    She is a plastic doll, a toy. People can pretend she’s straight/les/bi/attracted to plants/whatever because she’s not real.

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