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“People have a right to believe homosexuality is wrong”

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  1. Do people have a right to believe that Hitler was right?Or that sex with children is OK?Of course not – if incitement to hatred or discrimination on the grounds of race is criminal so should incitement to hatred or dicrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation be equally regarded as criminal behaviour.Citing religious belief should be no defence – the homophobic preaching of “Southern Baptists” and their mimics even in the Anglican and Roman Catholic churches should be denounced – this is merely as substitute now, especially in the Southern US states, for the racial prejudice that they have to be wary of openly voicing.The “Niggers” won’t wear it any more so neither should the “Faggots”.It is about time that the Gay Community in Britain started to use some political muscle..a “Don’t Vote Labour if it’s Brown Campaign” would be a goodstart.He has given absolutely no support for Gay Rights measures in Parliamentary votes and there is no doubt that he delayed the Civil Partnerships Act as long as he could to deny equal pension and inheritance rights to gay couples. There are 3.6 million Gay General Election votes out there and none of them should be for Gordon Brown.

  2. QBoy…Ben Townley…Savoy…

  3. Montreal Simon 27 Jan 2007, 5:51pm

    Good for QBoy and good for channel 4…Every effort to prevent gay kids from being bullied, like he was and I was, is great news. It’s not just important for the kids, it’s important for us.The damage done in schools scars the lives of many gay people for ever.Fills them with self loathing and despair, leads them into self destructive behaviour, and sometimes drives them to suicide.When gay kids are able to be safe, happy, proud and free they will crush these vicious homophobes once and for all…

  4. Meredith Dixon 2 Feb 2007, 1:47am

    I thought you’d like to know that I’ve linked to this article in the Lesbigay Bullying Victims subsection of my site *Raven Days*. The link’s not live yet but it soon will be.

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