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Gay MP labelled “conscience of the Commons” over Iran

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  1. Chris Bryant is a member of Labour Friends of Israel so there might just be a tinge of Tel Aviv style Muslim bashing here..though of course no-one with a brain has had any illusions about the medieval brutality of the Iranian Mullahs who rule this Islamic theocracy.”Adulterous” women are stoned to death publicly also so hanging gay men is just par for the course.Ultra Orthodox Jews hold views little different one might add.They just do not ,as yet,get the opportunity to carry them through.

  2. As I know QBoy, and was present with him last year outside the Iranian Embassy to condemn the execution of gay children by the Iranian Government, I find it hard to believe that he really thinks ‘It’s OK for people to believe homosexuality is wrong.’ It’s not. Ever. QBoy is way too intelligent a man to think it’s OK for gay people in Poland to be stigmatised by their vile government. Ultimatley religion, whether dictated by the Nazi Pope or some insidious Mullah, must be shown to be the ephemeral nihilism that it truly evokes. God has failed. Wake up and smell the coffee!

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