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COMMENT: Time for a gay schism?

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  1. Jeff Atwood 22 Aug 2006, 11:44pm

    Re: Time for a gay schism?I wish justice were blind and dress and behaviour of all people were treated the same, but in fact, they are not. Hindus can wear Turbans; women can wear pants, earrings and makeup; and exceptions are made all the time for behaviours of people. It is also a myth to believe that indiscriminate sexual activity does not occur among heterosexuals or even adulterous sexual activity between married people who have sworn, before witnesses and God, to be faithful to their spouses until death. It is also unreasonable to expect behaviour to change overnight, especially for middle-aged gay person who has fought a long battle against discrimination and been forced to live a life in the shadows, literally and figuratively. If behavior really changed overnight and people’s expectations rose with the increase in rights, women would be totally equal in society, and have a much greater representation in business, government and academia. And women are not a minority, so imagine how long it will take for gay people to achieve their place socially, no matter how the law has changed. It is going to take a while for everyone to adjust.

  2. Is Tony Grew News-of-the-World trained?He gives George Michael a kicking:”He was forced out, and then immediately moved into damage limitation mode, part of which was embracing his gayness. He was not so keen to disclose when it might have hurt him or his record company. What an inspiring tale for gay youth.”So what about the 1980s, when George was half of Wham and was regularly to be seen at Bolts – the GAY night club – partying in the Lounge bar and boogying on the dance floor? And what was Grew doing for the gay revolution then?

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