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‘Gay’ issues cause Anglican split?

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  1. my comment for community or formers of church are based by bible rules.homosexuality is a sin according to the bible so if any of person want to integrate any of rule out of bible regulation, it’s fair for each of them to build another brand name out of christianity legacy of CHRIST JESUS. be smart …don’t be idiot….christianity it self don’t need numbers of people in church who don’t want to follow the attitude of JESUS CHRIST. priest or community who want homosexual life don’t insist yourself to be christian if really you don’t want to…. you have freedom like you want ….again be smart…

  2. You say “smart” a lot, Lenny, but you don’t sound like you’re gifted that way yourself… what’s it with the shouting “JESUS CHRIST” in out faces every few seconds? And incidentally, homosexuality is NOT a sin, as you say. The bible is vague and its the interpretation of a few power-crazed freaks like the pope and that nazi in charge of the Polish government that thinks the bible is “clear” on homosexuality.

  3. ipsissimusclay 10 Jul 2007, 10:48am

    Tiring, isn’t it, how people can take a text originally so full of metaphor and parable, which has been progressively and unsubtly mistranslated for hundreds of years, often by groups of people desperate to stamp their own perception of what that text means upon the world… and insist that the Bible is the clear and definitive word of God. Sweetheart, it ain’t.

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