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America obssessed with “transsexual murderer”

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Reader comments

  1. You know I’ve grown a bit tired of hearing this so called twist to this story.First of all it seems that no one has thought to confirm the story, told to them by a know hack of a so called surgeon, with Karr. I mean don’t people find it odd that a doctor will first say, we have been seeing him here, but we can’ tell you why because it would breach privacy? Wouldn’t it breach privacy by saying we have been seeing him here?But the second part to this which tires me is that so what? What if all that were true, would it make a difference? It seems like you and other media outlet’s that feel it necessary to print something not important to the case in question do nothing but possibly harm or throw more mud at an already marginalised community, a community that constantly has to fight against ignorance that they are child molesters or pedophiles.Wasn’t that long ago that gay men were looked at in the same light, in fact with groups like gay men’s group, Men Loving Boys… some religious groups continue to say so.And so it is that same thing that transexual people face when media continue to focus on the “idea” that Karr was planning a “sex change”. Pink News helps feed into that by even having such a story shown on its site, as if it’s a story that has anything to do with the queer community at large.In my mind it does not, it’s a story that belongs in typical tabloids and outlets such as CNN and Fox where they seek to sensationalize every story.You’ve sunken to an all time low.