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Gay singer gets sweeping

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Reader comments

  1. Steve Pinder-Banthorpe 21 Feb 2006, 7:25pm

    Sad, lonely, bitter and single then George?It’s not complusory but for those that find it meaningfull it’s a wonderful way to affirm/reaffirm love and committment with family and friends. My partner and I have been together 22 years, but our Civil Partnership Registration was an unexpected emotional high for both of us.

  2. Sorry George, but when you have lived and experienced the real world, your comments will be noted.

  3. So this is what you think, little slightly balding overweight man.By the way didn’t I see you in the news recently facing serious drug charges.Get your own house in order before critizing others.

  4. Don’t be misled: George’s attitude is just more knee-jerk reaction to hetero culture to dismiss gay marriage as a mimic of a so-called straight tradition. No different than queers who insist on “elevating” the queer culture to demonstrate- to straight society- that we’re not all a bunch of oversexed animals pumping away at each other in back alleys. Seriously, who gives a fuck what straight people think? Live your own life, live your own love, and put your middle fingers up to absolutely anybody else- gay or straight- who doesn’t gel to your freedom of choice. If you fashion your life after bland political statements (especially ineffective ones), you’re going to end up just like ol’ George: ALONE. And _that_ would be tragic.

  5. I say “Leave Boy George Alone” He’s a great musician! Stay out of his private life!Baltimore

  6. i for one am disappointed that someone as high profile as george cannot use this platform as more of an ambassador of gay rights? gay partnerships aren’t about ‘mimicking’ hetero culture but revolve around equality, security and stability -in legal terms of couples who have built their lives together. Why shouldn’t there be a choice?It provides legislation so we can avocate for our partners in times of illhealth, and that we don’t get our wordly goods given to some ‘next of kin’, or worse, dissolved and ploughed into the governments pocket, after we die.comments like his are damaging and set us back both in terms of the public opinion and on the level of maorale for all of those who struggle to make ground on issues like these. He should be ashamed.

  7. Orion Blue 21 Aug 2006, 3:47pm

    It’s nice to see a swoogie with a broom, my dearAnd when I see a swoogie with a broom, my dear – it’s nice to see a swoogie with a broom, my dear.On the topic of ‘gay marriage’ – it is all about enabling the safe and secure transmission of property rights, that is all.Admittedly, most gay marriages probably have the lifespan of a May Fly in a hurricane, but nonetheless, it is really just about property rights.

  8. As a proud english hetro expat living in the centre of ‘gay’ sydney, i think that boy george is a disgrace to gay culture…. he wasnt always, and played a huge part in confronting homophobia during the 80’s 90’s. These days hes just an embarrassment to everyone who isnt hetrosexual…….. all of his wit comes from sexual innuendo and filthy confronting remarks.. nothing inttuectual. When will he realise that a person who has earned such a privilage cannot continue behaving like a drug addicted teenager. He needs to go into hiding and get his shit together and stop giving gay people such bad press.

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