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Gay cruising zips up nudist beach

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Reader comments

  1. Being able to be naked ought to be a right for anyone in a public place – whether that is a beach, park etc. It seems there are laws about so called discrimination laws in the UK, but are pretty worthless.If the UK had a more liberal attitude towards people’s rights then such issues would not arise. Thank god that other countries have a better and more accommodating attitude. Being nude is nothing new … and only the limited mental attitudes of the so called high moral ground, yet some of these same group were also some that took their unbridled passions with all the vigor of a rampant donkey. The UK needs to get its act together … and enter the real world!

  2. They are looking out for the welfare of the young people they have under training. So get your act together and reread exactly what has been said.
    The MOD like every other organisation has a ‘Duty Of Care’ towards those people under training. As they pointed out young cadets also use these area’s.

  3. Thats right Gaz, a duty of care against the evils predatory queers…. grow up.

  4. Surely anyone can see that the issue is people having sex where children are likely to see it, not the fact that they’re gay…

  5. Lets be blunt shall we, the MOD as a duty of care. Are you really saying they should turn a blind eye and let these young people see people screwing all over the place?
    I have grown up and like most people have at least a few morale standards. I’m sick of the fact that anything involving gay people that isn’t good gets jumped on like its the end of the world.
    These people are screwing near a training establishment that trains young people for gods sake.

  6. Are only gay shennanigans happening? I wonder. Guys getting it on near a young peoples’ training area could be a problem but I can’t help feeling there’s more to this than meets the eye (as it were). The Police and others have a history of going after gay men in these areas while ignoring what the hets get up to.

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