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Transgender crew member criticises ship’s “mob culture”

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Reader comments

  1. In reference to your story, Transgender crew member criticises ship’s “mob culture”As someone who worked with Ms Marland and who is sexually gay, I find it hard to swallow such utter confabricated verbiage from Ms Marland. She says she suffered discrimination from the crew of the Pride of Bilbao.Well she did’nt look too concerned, indeed she looked quite relaxed the times I saw her. One thing I can say of which I’m sure many of the crew might agree in that I found her quite aloof. Perhaps she suffered in silence? Whatever Ms Marland did’nt suffer from was her lack of insipidity. To be fair I might have agreed with her if she had shown she was very unhappy or genuine anguish. I am familiar with sexual discrimination as one who has suffered in the past.I condemn it in all it’s forms and the law must reflect on taking it very seriously. It makes me angry and wonder how some so called victims know they can endure such lack of penance and guilt,in the end they falsely claim “the big prize” which, unfortunately through their greed and selfishness,the genuine victims will eventually suffer for. Ms Marland must have known that on joining any ship it has it’s lack of facilities and restricted space to cater for anyone with special needs be they gay or straight or even transexual as in Ms Marland’s case. Let’s be practical about this,of course the ship is the best part male oriented.However,Seamen are surprisingly understanding and careing. They oppose victimization in any shape or form.In the meantime one can choose wheather to accept the lack of facilities or leave, either of which one could make up one’s mind within the first few days.To say there was a mob culture on there is total garbage.I found the overwhelming majority to be a friendly lot. Ms Marland believes she was forced into useing the “mens changing room” I heard nothing of her protests on this matter alone.I did not have to use anywhere I was not comfortable with. Besides,I had my own ensuit cabin and so did Ms Marland.It was well known that Ms Marland was at a stage of transgression and needed more funds to continue and further her treatment. Needless to say this was, I believe, her dark reason to leaver compensation. She is deceitfull, unjustified and unkind in her evidence.I also believe that one day truth will catch up with her.Whatever our sexual orientation,let’s keep the record straight and not give unjustified credence or excuse to our real and opposed discriminators who accuse us of being plain selfish,petulant and not to be trusted.

  2. For starters, don’t use big words if you don’t understand them.Bigger stuff: you sayThis is the same nonsense that was peddled by PO in their defence, and is untrue. As to my evidence, it was completely unchallenged; PO had accepted all my claims of harassment even before the hearing began. You further obviously didn’t know what went on in the engine room, and what happened after I was assaulted by Ged Pollard and told by the Chief Engineer that it was all my own fault. And you claim to be a crew member? I see that you don’t identify yourself. That figures.

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