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Anti-gay Christians lampooned after Pride complaint

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Reader comments

  1. Alan Preece 5 Aug 2006, 3:01pm

    If anyone has any pictures from this event, could you please email them to me at so I can post them on the Carry On site. Pictures of people dressed as character from the comedy films would be great, but any really.Thanks

  2. Sister Mary Clarance 3 Aug 2007, 4:37pm

    And if anyone has any pictures of Brad Pitt naked (or near naked at a push) could they let me know too please.

  3. Maybe the NF and Christian Voice chappies should have their own mini festival. Preferably in Tehran. I’m sure they’d all enjoy each others company…

  4. “Christian” Voice and the National Front working happily together. Why am I SO not surprised!

  5. “offencive to normal people” is that a joke?,so if a hetrosexual person whos married is a swinger after taking vows before god in a church or has committed adultry, according to the bible it is an “abonination” as christians say homosexulity is also,hetros are normal? yet they accept people like that and even drug addicts or alcoholics into church etc,even hetro people have anal sex and they were suppossed to be given sex to make babies,yet christians preach about unnatural sex acts…..get my point.And yet lesbianism is not mentioned in the bible at all,king solomon had many wives and they “turned away his heart”

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