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Gays and straights masturbate for charity

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Reader comments

  1. I nthink this is a wonderful opportunity for human beings to exercise their God given right to touch themselves. My only gripe is your not doing it in New York, I’d be first in line with my “Johnson” in hand. Happy strokes and where can I get a copy of the show?

  2. This is an awesome event !There is already so much garbage on television so why not produce an intelligent show with a purpose and great benefit to so many people. Not only does this raise money for HIV/AIDS but will also provide greater awareness to those participating in person as well as the audience. Would be great if a television studio here in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada had the nerve to work with Marie Stopes International.

  3. I would like to see this, if it is available on DVD or VHS.I live in a U.S. city that time and evolution passed by, and the people here are extremely homophobic, and I am trying to enlighten these people by challenging our PBS station to air “In Th Life”, but they feel it would upset too many people here. I argue that it airs typically late at night – 11 p.m. or midnight in other cities, so their children wouldn’t be exposed to it if they felt it would harm them, but “in The Life” is educational not filth.It would be eduactional for all the gay youth in our state and it seems that this program would as well.Any chance I could get a copy and show it to the youth that hang out here in my house? And elsewhere in this pathetic state?Thnaks Robert

  4. i think its great idea i would like too find out how too see it georgia pbs would never show it i would donate too this fund raiser if i knew were too send the money. if possible would like to get a copy keep up the great work

  5. Steve Isun 8 Aug 2006, 5:55pm

    It’s events like this that make me think Europeons may have something over us Yanks after all.

  6. great idea I think we should have a Yank Wank as well. Where can we get a copy of the coming event.

  7. This is about the most stupid, juvenile thing I’ve ever heard
    that mature people would do for “charity.” I can imagine
    what part of their anatomy they have their brains in — whatever
    little they have.

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