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Gay man sentenced for reckless HIV transmission

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Reader comments

  1. Alex Grigny 2 Oct 2006, 4:40pm

    homophobia is gay… (young liberal democrat campaign)HIV is a gay disease…(this article)Recently the BBC got complaints from the LGBT community and others about their use of the word gay to negatively qualify a car. I find these complaints justified, as the BBC’s action promotes and legitimises the negative use of this word, gay in this case meaning ‘bad’.And now, this negative meaning of ‘gay’ is being used by two organisations to try and achieve a positive change in attitude towards LGBT people and safe-sex. Although I fully support their intentions, I cannot but feel discomfort and frustration at the use of the word ‘gay’ in this way.It took me a long time to come out, and quite some effort to start using the word ‘gay’ in any other sense than ‘merry’. To me, this word represents my (and your) long and daily struggle for self-acceptance, dignity, solidarity with others suffering (sexual, racial, economic) oppression, and I reject rather passionately the negative use of this beautiful word.I hope these campaigns have a positive effect… hopefully the groups targeted will feel diferently about this use of ‘gay’. I don’t seem to be able to do so.

  2. Alex Grigny 2 Oct 2006, 4:52pm

    Correction: Chris Moyles from the BBC called a ringtone (not a car) ‘gay’ in the sense of ‘rubbish’.

  3. Michael Regan 2 Oct 2006, 6:13pm

    This is ridiculous! So when people see this, its now going to be established that HIV is something only gay men have… this is as bad as the hatred that spread back in the 70s over the issue.I’m all for wanting to find a cure of the disease, but this is an extreme form of getting the message across to people who don’t use condoms or get check ups!This thing could turn on its head and come back to bite us badly!

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