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Castro illness may raise Cuba’s gay hopes

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Reader comments

  1. Dominick J. 22 Jan 2008, 2:18am

    Good for Cuba. Fidel, as it seems, not only has grown but has gained some intellect concerning the GLBT community up along the years. Bravo for him and Cuba.

  2. Bill Perdue 22 Jan 2008, 5:16am

    Dominick – It’s a big change for the Cuban Communist Party. For a long time they incarcerated HIV/Aids patients but never let them die the way authorities in the US do with immigrants in deportation centers. And they said that GLBT folk were ‘counterrevolutionary’ when the opposite was true and alienated many of our people. The long domination of Moscow style Stalinists seems to be eroding. (Plus they realize that when Fidel dies the US is going to launch another real counterrevolutionary effort and try to get rid of them.)

  3. Dominick J. 22 Jan 2008, 6:54am

    Thanks Bill.

  4. Unknown to many in the U.S., the UK has been trading with Cuba for several years and restored diplomatic relations. About time the U.S. abandoned its ridiculous stand. I find it hypocritical that it is trading with communist China, one of the major violators of human rights and even enjoys diplomatic relations therewith, plus…China is the major financier of the American economy, absolutely ironic and appalling.

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