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Straight couples campaign for gay marriage rights

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Reader comments

  1. Bethan Ingram 1 Aug 2006, 10:06pm

    To find out more about our campaign or to sign the petition, go to – thanks!

  2. Should the BNP let non-whites join? - Page 7 11 Jun 2009, 7:30pm

    […] are quite difference. Straight couples want it to and it several countries have now been given it. Straight couples campaign for gay marriage rights – from Pink News – all the latest gay news from th… __________________ […]

  3. Civil partnerships were a bit of a fudge to appease some narrow minded people who thought gay marriages would tarnish the sacnctity of the union while still achieving much of the legal recogntion wanted by gay couples. Ulimtimately there should be no dinstinction between unions and gay marriage should be allowed. Campaigning for straight civil union is backed by weak arguments and really about some straight couples who want what they perceive as a marriage-lite contract because they are not prepared to commit to marriage.

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