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Google vows to change derogatory gay translation

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Reader comments

  1. The political correctness of some activists is utterly ridiculous. They should not forget to investigate the suitability of the terms in languages such as Miqmaq, Inuit dialects, Indonesian slang,… And of course they should supply correct words for those outrageous languages that don’t have a word for “gay”.

  2. Yes, There Is a Word for “Gay” in Arabic « IBN COFNA 16 Aug 2012, 2:50am

    […] Before I get into that, some background on the Arabic language terms is in order. Two of the most common words to describe queer people in Arabic is shādh ّشاذ and lūṭi لوطي. The first word means “deviant” or “pervert” while the second means “of Lot,” i.e. the Biblical/Qur’anic character whose people tried to rape two male angels. It is roughly equivalent to the word “sodomite” in English. These words are so prevalent, it even caused Google a PR headache when its translation service assumed that these were the correct Arabic terms. […]

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