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21 July 2006

  • 21st July 2006

    God save the queers 1

    The pink flag dominated the EuroPride parade

    12:00 AM — PinkNews.co.uk's Katherine Knowles meets the man behind those pink flags which have dominated gay pride marches across the country and the world.First there was the flag. Pink and cheerful and vibrant, spilling silkily out of the envelope, bringing a smile to the bleary eyed 9am workers in the PinkNews.co.uk office, then gracing the lectern at our paper launch party, where it drew admiring glances from MPs and members of the gay choir alike.

  • Massachusetts gay marriage pioneers split

    Friends said the split shows that gay couples are just like heterosexuals in that they can get married and later separate

    12:00 AM — The lesbian couple whose relationship spurred the state of Massachusetts to open up marriage for gay couples has separated.Julie and Hillary Goodridge, who were the lead plaintiffs in the landmark 2004 case announced an "amicable" separation last night.Mary Breslauer, a spokeswoman for the pair, told The Boston Globe, "Julie and Hillary Goodridge are amicably living apart."

  • Gay holiday destination accused of discrimination

    The increase in tension between the straight and gay community appears to have coincided with a planned vote in the state Legislature on an amendment to ban gay marriage

    12:00 AM — For once gay people aren't being heckled instead they're turning on the straight people in a popular American gay holiday destination.Provincetown, dubbed New England's summer gay capital has seen a rise in harassment and discrimination of gay people in recent years.They've been targeted as "breeders" and "baby makers."

  • Gay community going green

    The findings show the LGBT community recycle up to 15% more than any other group (Photo: rickabbo flickr.com)

    12:00 AM — Gays and lesbians are going greener faster than any other group of people, according to research.Findings by advertising and marketing agency, Gasoline, suggest the pink pound, a measure of the amount of money the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community group has to spend, is going green faster than any other group.

  • Prescott cleared over anti-gay tycoon links

    John Prescott faced criticism for his host's anti-gay links

    12:00 AM — Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott broke ministerial rules when he did not immediately declare his stay at an anti-gay US tycoon's ranch, a Parliament watchdog concluded today.However, the House of Commons standards committee cleared the minister for not registering a cowboy outfit he received from Philip Anschutz after a stay at his Colorado home.

  • London gay pride group condemn Riga’s “return to dark ages” 1

    One of the themes of the EuroPride parade was battling prejudice in Eastern Europe

    12:00 AM — Campaigning charity and organiser of Europe's largest gay event, Pride London, today condemned the decision of the City Council of Riga to ban the city's Gay Pride amid threats of violence from extremist groups.Pride London hosted EuroPride 06, the largest lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender celebration this year, attended by 600,000 people from all over Europe.

  • Alabama appoints first lesbian representative 1

    Patricia Todd made history this week when voters in Alabama's 54th legislative district sent the Democrat to the State House

    12:00 AM — Patricia Todd made history this week when voters in Alabama's 54th legislative district sent the Democrat to the State House, marking the first time ever that the Alabama legislature will include an openly gay representative.The Gay Lesbian Victory Fund, the nation's largest gay and lesbian political action committee, endorsed Ms Todd and helped raise tens of thousands of dollars from its national network of donors to help fund her campaign.

  • Nursing union seeks “equal” benefits for lesbian partner

    The Massachusetts Nurses Association (MNA) filed a suit in federal court this week seeking to reverse an arbitration award that denied health insurance benefits to the same-sex spouse

    12:00 AM — The Massachusetts Nurses Association (MNA) filed a suit in federal court this week seeking to reverse an arbitration award that denied health insurance benefits to the same-sex spouse of a registered nurse employed by Merrimack Valley Hospital.Maria Ciulla a resident of Methuen and the nurse who was denied health coverage for her spouse, stated the essence of the case in a letter she wrote to Merrimack Valley Hospital CEO Robert Allen following the arbitration ruling.

  • Gay star reveals suicide attempt

    This two-part documentary, presented by Stephen Fry, investigates the reality of living with bipolar affective disorder - the condition more commonly known as manic depression. Stephen, himself a manic depressive, speaks to celebrities and those not in the public eye who live with the condition. They all speak frankly about how manic depression has affected them in their day to day lives

    12:00 AM — Gay actor Stephen Fry will reveal his struggle with depression and suicide contemplation in a new BBC documentary highlighting the condition later this year.The screen and stage star, presenting BBC2's The Secret Life of A Manic Depressive, will recount the time he walked out on the West End play Cell Mates in 1995 and sat in his car considering whether to turn on the ignition and kill himself with the exhaust fumes.

  • Government urged to debate gay adoption “ramifications” 1

    According to government statistics, approximately 2,500 children are looked after by social services in Northern Ireland at any one time, the number of adoptions in Northern Ireland has fallen significantly from a peak in 1970 of 554 to an average of around 150 per year

    12:00 AM — The Leader of the House of Commons Jack Straw has been called to initiate a debate on the "ramifications" of allowing gay couples to adopt in Northern Ireland.Mr Straw, setting out the timetable for debates leading up to and after Parliament's summer recess, was yesterday asked by Democratic Unionist MP for Strangford Iris Robinson, to schedule a gay adoption debate after the break as a matter of "urgency."

  • London Mayor criticises Latvia’s “attack on human rights” 1

    Ken Livingstone took part in the  EuroPride rally in London holding a Venezuelan flag as well as a flag of his hero, Cuban revolutionary Che Guevara

    12:00 AM — The Mayor of London has called the decision to ban Latvia's Gay Pride "an unacceptable attack on human rights."His words have been echoed by gay rights group Outrage, Amnesty International and the Latvian President, who have all criticised the authorities in Riga for cancelling the parade in the capital on public order grounds.

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