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“I’m a lesbian and our guitarist has one hand”

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  1. 21 Jul 2006, 6:51am

    Jackie, aggressive and hard to understand, i beg to differ. I have known the band quite some time now, they were a wonderful acoustic act before the rest of the band members joined. Jackie is a very sweet person, fun to be with and always up for a laugh. Jackie takes the music really seriously and the one thing that should have come across that if there is one thing that matters, its the music! If you have a quick look at her you would never belive it, but she sings like an angel.I know the band works really hard to write all the songs, and Mark (the guitarist) has written many of the songs as well. Its a shame that the pink news didnt take the time to get to know Jackie and the message behind the music, NelsonRomeus music touches souls, makes you smile and is great to dance to. I hope anyone who has the chance, takes this wonderful opportunity to go and see them this sunday!