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Guernsey may lower gay age of consent

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Reader comments

  1. Paul Mitchell 3 Jan 2007, 7:57am

    I think that it is absolutely ridiculous, silly, incompetent and ignorant that in the twenty-first century all of the gay men in Bermuda and Gibraltar are still discriminated against when we make significant contributions to help society in our jobs and trying to live equally – like everyone else in society. It is a disgrace that since 1993 and 1994 when male homosexuality was legalised (heterosexual and lesbian sex has always been legal) that an unfair age of sexual consent was set at 18! It is still “maintained” at 18 in 2007 – This is a disgrace! Let us get to it, with an equal age of sexual consent at 16 for all! – In line with Jersey, Scotland, Wales, England, Northern Ireland, Isle of Man and not to mention a “Bill”, “Pending Law” or “Proposed Law” for Guernsey [Including Alderney, Herm and Sark] to equalize the age of sexual consent to 16 for all is currently in pending and in their own parliament house currently debating and reviewing current laws there!We do not need differing ages of sexual consent for gay men in the twenty-first century – It is not only crazy, but also ludicrous, discrimatory, unjustifiable, unfair and sends the “wrong” message in society that gay men are criminals and paedophiles (which about over 95% of paedophiles are in fact “heterosexual” or “straight” men who prey on children)! Let us all act now for an equal age of sexual consent for every UK territory in the world in the twenty-first century! Remember that it is only Bermuda and Gibraltar that does this discrimatory legislation dating back to 1993-1994 and has refused to catch up inline with all other UK territories in 2007. There should be a “Bill”, “Pending Law” or “Proposed Law” to get rid of all this discrimatory legislative behaviour! In stead of playing not catch-up or lets play politics – Lets play “Repeal”, “Abolish” or “Get rid of the 18” in the law Immediately change the age of sexual consent to 16 for all!

  2. Gay activist Paul Mitchell 26 Mar 2010, 4:18am

    Well after a 4 year battle in March 2010 the age of consent is now equal at 16 for ALL in Gunersey!!!!

  3. Gay activist Paul Mitchell 9 Jul 2010, 9:38am

    Sark has now an equal age of consent!!!!

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