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Gay animal celebration at London Zoo

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Reader comments

  1. Andy - Doncaster 12 Oct 2006, 6:32pm

    Finally art that shows that being gay isn’t just a human trait, and certainly isn’t a psychological illness. How could an animal as small as a beatle have a psychological illness, it isn’t possible! Massive respect to the people behind this!

  2. Alex Grigny 13 Oct 2006, 4:19pm

    All arguments for qualifying same gender sexual attraction as being against nature break down with an exhibition like this one. That is what these Christian groups fear. Better walk life blindfolded than see the facts; poor people.The “against nature” argument is still believed by many people, religious or not. Even very recently a sister of mine used it on me (and she believed what she said!). This exhibition might help change the perception of well meaning people who just believe the fictions they are taught because they don’t know better.I’m very happy the Oslo Natural History Museum is holding this exhibition, and I hope it will travel around Europe and the world.

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