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Indian Prince disinherited for being gay

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Reader comments

  1. Just to bring to notice some misreporting in this article. The film ‘Yours Emotionally’ is not produced by Manavendra, but by Niranjan Kamatkar of Wise Thoughts, London. Also the prince plays a ‘blink and you will miss it’ part. So to say he ‘stars’ in it is a bit of a stretch

  2. I commend this man for standing up for who is, who he was born to be. It is not surprising the reaction from his family sadly. But whatever riches he may have lost nothing can equal the riches of living a life of truth–no one can put a price on freedom. His parents will answer for their own sins–for it is a sin to turn your back on your own flesh and blood. The moment they disinherited their son is the moment they gave up the right and privilege of being called a parent. Good for you Manvendra–live proud and live free!!!!

  3. LOL…I don’t know who the hell the guy in the photo is, but it certainly isn’t our beloved Prince ‘Mani’. He looks nothing like the man in the photo – I have just finished watching BBC documentary featuring him, about the three royal Princes looking for love in the UK – and I can categorically tell you it isn’t him in that photo. Search Google images for ‘gay Indian prince’ and you’ll see the man himself.

  4. Who’s the guy in the photo? It’s not the Prince. Geez…

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