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Ex HSBC banker to appeal against unfair dismissal judgement

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Reader comments

  1. I absolutely agree with the way in which HSBC have conducted themselves throughout the trial. Too much emphasiswas put on the fact that Lewis was gay instead of looking at the proper issue that he was being indecent in the workplace in front of a colleuge.

  2. My wife also work for HSBC, she conflict with her function head and she have to resign – her function head force her rotate to another dept because she was working as the same position over 18month, as HSBC policy she was free to rotation, but she was rejected by her function head, she have to force to rotate to the worse dept in the bank. Later she apply back HSBC but HR said that her file was marked “Yellow Status”. I want to know how they can do that, it not fair for employee, how can the boss hand with HR to mark on employee without any reason, I wish to have an explanation.
    P.S She working for HSBC 4 years, two year outstanding rating and get top performer award at the time she was kicked out.

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