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Anglican gay row escalates amid Archbishop’s plan

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  1. Arthur Waugh 5 Jul 2006, 8:55pm

    The Church of Nigeria?!! Mercy they dont like sodomy? Tuff! They really dont know what they are missing. Alas black men are among the most beautiful on the earth, I have been a coal burner for most of my adult life. Homophobia is not a Christian attitude. So may they suffer severly from eretile tissue disfunction. Sodomy is truly a spendid form of birth control and it’s nice when your wife is pregnant or off seeing the in-laws.

  2. Hasn’t that damned organisation withered and died yet?I don’t know why folk just don’t realise that they can be masters of their own spirituality without the need for these persistantly argumentative middlemen who are supposed to be Godfocused in their approach.

  3. Its ironic that Jesus Christ never once condemned homosexuality, yet the church in tandem with other denominations resorts to judging others and using scant though questionable references to homosexuality in Leviticus and elsewhere. If the conservative branch truly believes in scripture, then I suggest that they go to the following website wherein they will see other references to heterosexual behavior that they probably do not subscribe to. Its amazing how religion has cherry-picked references only to homosexuality to justify its centuries old tradition of discrimination, homophobia, violence and oppression of gay people. So much for judge not and ye shall not be judged, the hypocrisy is breath-taking. The website is Robert, USA (former Brit)

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