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Politicians unite to launch gay publication

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Reader comments

  1. peterrivendell 29 Jun 2006, 11:05am

    When did Meg Munn become Minister for Women and Equality? Is this not Ruth Kelly’s brief? Is this a compromise due to Ms Kelly’s apparent homophobia or are we now letting Ms Kelly – who appears to have disappeared from the news – off the hook?

  2. Interesting how Simon Hughes still refers to gays and lesbians as “them”. I guess after decades in the closet it’s hard to remember that “they” are actually “we” and “them” are actually “us”.

  3. Meg Munn is the Minister for Women and Equality. Ruth Kelly is Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government and cabinet minister for Women and Equality. Meg Munn spends her whole time dealing with equality issues where as it is only part of Ruth Kelly’s job.

  4. peterrivendell 29 Jun 2006, 10:39pm

    That`s convenient for Ruth. Do we not still want her out?

  5. Illiterate:”to officially launch””the gay community… have moved centre stage and will become an important economic community to reach and engage with.”etc.

  6. belive me if you all think that homophobia is bad in england you should try moving to inverness/easter ross so far I have broken spine/lost job/ abused by police/abused by highland council the list is endless its an art form up here

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